Marmi Grand Opening at Easton

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This week, we were kindly invited to the grand opening of Marmi Shoes. So together, we let the balloon bouquet lead the way and we popped in to see the selection. First I must say how kind everyone there is: we got a lovely tour, and a great description of the products. Here is just one wall of the store.


A lovely set-up, no? Okay, real talk. Shoes are hard for me. I happen to have really wide feet, thanks to my bizarre, born-with-’em bunions. All those delicate, strappy sandals? They make my feet look like jungle beasts that were tied down to prevent escape. Stiletto heels? Not happening. I’m about as graceful as a lumberjack. To make a long story short, looking for shoes is a great labor of my life. But Marmi is great for that: They specialize in carrying uncommon sizes (4-13), and most of their shoes come in varying widths (HALLELUJAH).

Looking around, you’ll see shoes meant for all age groups. And, before Alicia pipes in, I thought I’d show you some of my favorites.


Given the foot problems I described above (charming, aren’t I?), ballet flats are my go-to. But I love the little heel on these: the height is so flattering, and the material gives it a modern update.


Driving moccasins are always a favorite of mine. They look so polished and can be so comfortable! I’m always looking for a good pair of these for traveling–and these would be ideal. They have a sturdy rubber sole for gripping, and a super cushy foot pad.


And then there’s these beauties! I could hardly put them down to take the picture. I know I just whined about heels, but we all know that wedges don’t count. I’m obsessed with all things metallic, and don’t these just scream summer to you? The wide band near the toe is also super-flattering for bunions (this word is so hideous, I’m sorry); that part of the foot is shielded without being constricted too much. And, with wear, the leather will give a little to fit juuuust right. Also: that clutch in the background? So cute.


I have to second the clutch situation at Marmi. I lost count of how many little bags I wanted for my very own.

Exhibit A. AMIRITE?

Exhibit A. AMIRITE?

This bright clutch, that Alexis so kindly modeled for me, was one of my favorite things in the store. Strips of wood banded with colorful stripes makes for a unique statement piece you can carry both day and night. It also comes with a chain, so you can can wear it as a cross body or as a shoulder bag. Versatility is our friend, guys.

Speaking of which, I suppose if I had to describe this place in one word, versatility would be it. Anyone, whether they are in their twenties or fifties, can find their perfect (and comfortable) shoe. They have a wide range of styles, sizes, widths, and materials. I’m talking from sensible loafers to something a bit more avant garde:


Or casual options for spring (it’s bound to be warm someday, right??):
IMG_9241And even formal pieces:IMG_9227

Comfort is key at Marmi, but you won’t be strolling out with a pair of bizarre, orthopedic whatnots. Style is not sacrificed for the sake of being comfortable. There is a happy marriage between both, and as someone who ruined her feet in stilettos during college, it’s a welcome concept.

IMG_9197Marmi will be celebrating its grand opening through Sunday with 10% off for customers who donate a pair of gently-used shoes for the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless (in addition, 10% of the sales will go to the cause).

Marmi is located at the Easton Town Center (right by C. Wonder) at 4026 The Strand East. Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10:00 AM-9:00 PM, Friday-Saturday: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM, Sunday: Noon-6:00 PM.


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