Wandering NYC


{by: alicia} The last time we spoke, I was heading out to attend a conference in NY. That was over a week ago. My absence can mostly be attributed to falling ill (DO get your flu shots, people), and projects ramping up at work.

But I thought it’d still be nice to do a quick photo essay of some of the highlights from my trip. Just as I suspected, a majority of my time was spent working, but I managed to squeeze in some fun. There was really no game plan (other than the 800 things I planned on eating), so I spent most of my free time tromping around the city, and making the odd stop at the New York Public Library or whatever struck my fancy.

Made my way into the Met.

Like this sexy beast.

What I love about NYC (among many other things) is the absolute randomness of the people and its surroundings. Like the Hare Krishna who insisted on blessing me (um, thanks?) and this next photo that could only be described as genius:

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in NYC


Yes, I had a cupcake or three (plus a bonus cookie for dessert). I needed the extra fuel for the massive amount of walking I was doing. No complaints on my end. I love to explore whenever I’m in a new city, and I actually enjoy walking when it’s not frigid out. The weather was in the 50s and 60s that week, so I really lucked out. I also love New York at Christmas, so it was a double bonus to see that everything was already looking festive–even though I kind of hate how early it comes about.


Shut up and look at the nice lights, Scrooge.

Skating at Bryant Park

Skating at “Brr”yant Park.

Seester came down to see me once the conference was over, and we positively frolicked about much to everyone else’s dismay:

This might be my favorite photo of sister and her boyfriend. I cannot stop laughing.

This might be my favorite photo of sister and her boyfriend.

Becker and I have similar interests, so you can only imagine the amount of fooderies we visited in that small window of time. I think at one point we had like three desserts in a span of an hour–it was AWESOME, and worthy of its own separate post (done and done).

The rooftop bar at my hotel was also awesome. Overpriced as all get out, but not a bad spot to have a nightcap. I mean, the Empire State Building is right in front of you. Not much to complain about.

Strand Rooftop Hotel

Photo stolen from Becker.

That is, until it’s time to go back home.


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