To Market and a Pitstop at The Angry Baker

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Due to our husbands’ obsessions with March Madness, Alicia and I both found ourselves with Saturday afternoon free. We spent some time looking through fellow bloggers’ weekend event lists and finally settled on the winter market at 400 West Rich. I wandered down from German Village (if it’s above 40, not raining, and less than two miles away, I’m walking) and met Alicia in the lot before we headed inside.


I guess you can say we were embracing the concept of spring–even if the temperature was not. I’m a huge fan of farmers’ markets, primarily because my love of fresh produce isn’t compatible with my possession of a black thumb. Seriously, I killed a cactus once. His name was Plato, and I still feel bad about the little guy. Anyhow, though growing season is still lurking around the corner, it was nice to get out of the house and away from the shouts of rage or “The madness!” (In reference to the March Madness, of course).

We took a few laps around the place. There were twenty vendors there; it wasn’t a huge market. There was a DJ and quite a lot of people milling around. I contemplated buying some rabbit (meat) for my husband, (Here, honey, I bought you a bunny; please cook it) but decided I wasn’t feeling quite that generous. There were candle-makers, cheese mongers, and artisan marshmallows. It was quite a collection. And with all this variety guess where I ended up.

IMG_9284Yep, the bar. I sidled up and asked the bartender what was good (I was walking, remember?). She suggested their Bloody Mary–made unique by the fact that it was mixed with whiskey rather than vodka. Terrifying, but I pride myself on trying the weirdest thing on the menu. I was sure this was it. Not being huge into whiskey, I was afraid that its flavor would be too strong and overwhelm the drink, but my fears had no basis. You could certainly taste the whiskey, but it wasn’t over-powering. Would I order it again? Perhaps not. Still, if you love whiskey, I’m sure you’d be raving.

So on we went. We stood in the corner watching a child throw a tantrum for a good ten minutes while I worked on my cocktail, and then continued our way around the room.

IMG_9283We wound up at the Franklinton Gardens booth for awhile getting more information. It’s a pretty great sounding project. It’s a nonprofit, urban garden providing fresh produce in an area deemed a “food desert.” While they’ve got some experts at the helm, anyone can volunteer to pitch in and sign up for a shift. We added our names to the email list, so maybe you’ll even find us there one afternoon!IMG_9286There were rumblings about food trucks, but we didn’t have much luck in finding any. Lily’s Mini Delights held down the fort, as far as we could see, and looked quite tempting.

IMG_9302We (creepily) hovered around her stand long enough to breathe in the sugary air and watch the magic doughnut flipping contraption (we’re both twelve years old) do its thing. I hadn’t eaten all morning, and Alexis was in a whiskey-fueled haze, so something more substantial was in order.

You would think the urgency of our cranky stomachs would be enough to move us along, but we sat in my car for an inordinate amount of time, pondering the universe, and generally getting off task (how we do), until Yelp swooped in and saved the day. A few moments later, we were rolling up here:

IMG_9303Once inside, we were faced with the daunting prospect of what to order. But can you blame us? Look at this awesome breakfast menu!

IMG_9304It was a tie between the Fork & Knife Burrito (I mean, Sriracha was involved), and the French Toast Sandwich. The employee taking our order confirmed that both were wise decisions, so we did the most logical thing, order one of each and eat off eachother’s plates.

The burrito was aptly named as consuming it did require flatware. Honestly, you can’t go too wrong with avocado, black beans, and sriracha in my book, so of course it was a tasty meal. It was filling, and I could only eat half. The green salsa on top was a nice cool contrast to the toasty burrito.

IMG_9313The French toast sandwich was my personal favorite, and I lucked out on being the one in charge of it. It was the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and I’m fairly certain I was embarrassingly vocal about how much I liked it.


We were also entranced by the mind-blowing array of baked goods flirting with us behind the display case. I think Alexis exclaimed “Seriously, look at those eclairs” about a dozen times. The eclairs were huge and looked amazing, but I was too busy lusting over the cupcakes. Do not despair, I brought one home with me and all was well in the world once more.



7 thoughts on “To Market and a Pitstop at The Angry Baker

  1. I loved this! I am very new to Columbus and I am trying to find things to explore. Do you have any advice of events that go on during the spring?


    • Where to begin! The Columbus Art Museum will be hosting a Toulouse Latrec exhibit through (I think) May, and admission is free on Sundays. The Blooms & Butterflies and the Light/Bruce Munro exhibits at Franklin Park Conservatory are worth a visit. If it’s nice out, there is the topiary park which is a hidden little gem. And a lot of the farmers’ markets should be back in business come late April. Oh! And have you been down to Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills? If not, it’s just lovely to stomp around. Also, minor league baseball is pretty big here, the Clippers season is around the corner and there is nothing like sitting in that brand new ballpark, having some drinks, and funnel fries. The Wilds (a safari-like conservatory) opens in May as well. I hope this helps!


      • Thank you so much!!! I will be sure to check those out! I am excited to try all of these wonderful things especially when it starts to warm up.


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