The past couple weeks have provided me with enough material to write ten lengthy posts, but for the sake of time and my sanity, we’re going to whittle it down to one. Most of this is stolen from my Instagram, so bear with me if it’s repetitive. I’ll try to add some jazzy descriptions here and there, but sometimes, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking.

Dutch Baby at The Table, Columbus.

Until a couple Sundays ago, I had never heard of a Dutch baby. Okay, semi-lie, I ate poffertjes in Amsterdam which were technically Dutch pancakes, but those were more like puffed pancake balls. The foodporn above is from The Table (separate post on this later), and it’s a flatter affair, thin in the middle, with fluffy edges. Just imagine a hybrid of a pancake and popover covered in fruit–amazing, right. I want one post haste.

I’ve been doing a lot of number-crunching lately (profit and loss statements are the work of the devil), so my brain has been a little crispy. I am not a numbers person, and tend to get frustrated over math, so my husband kindly wrenched me away from the computer to get me a decent lunch. A trip to Northstar helped take my mind off gross margins and sales to plant ratios (I hate that I even know what this stuff means), at least for a little while. Delicious Cane Cola also helped.
Northstar Cafe Chopped Salad in Columbus

Salad cancels out ice cream, at least in my world, so a trip next door to Jeni’s was a done deal.

Jeni's Ice Cream Columbus

After sampling the new Cultured Key Lime Pie Frozen Yogurt (a bit too tart for my tastes), I ordered a scoop of Buckeye State and Savannah Buttermint (peppermint ice cream with white chocolate stracciatelle). Thom got his usual (Buckeye State and the Milkiest Chocolate in the World), and we hunkered down on a stoop to eat ice cream in the sun. As I sat there, catching drips of ice cream running down the cone, I forgot for one blissful moment that I had to go back to my budgetary doom. Being an adult is hard sometimes–that is, until you remember why it’s kind of awesome. We can do whatever we want! I woke up on Saturday and declared I wanted to have breakfast at Starliner Diner and visit the giraffes. So we did. Take that, numbers!

Giraffe at the Heart of Africa, Columbus Zoo

I’ve got to hand it to the Columbus Zoo–they have done a phenomenal job of reconfiguring its layout and adding this Heart of Africa exhibit. The habitat is huge (43 acres), and at certain hours of the day, you can feed the giraffes ($3). Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stand in this line, but it wasn’t a problem as there were polar bears to squee over.

Polar Bear at the Columbus Zoo

Speaking of bears, I finally made my way to Bareburger, and it was everything Alexis said and more. I can confirm the ketchup is tasty (the lack of HFCS makes a difference), and that they are planning on adding the brunch menu and spiked slushes soon. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t have a slush, so I dragged everyone to Denmark Hall after our meal.

A cosmopolitan at Denmark HallThis is a snazzy little spot overlooking High Street, and a perfect place to sip something cold and people watch. We were in and out for a nightcap, but there’s plenty of low couches and high tables if you want to hang out for awhile.

What is the opposite of a nightcap? I’m serious. Is there even a word? Whatever it is, I had one in the way of a doughssant from Auddino’s Bakery somewhere along my travels. Remember the cronut craze of 2013? As if you can forget that madness. Columbus has been harboring its own version for twenty years now. And here’s the rub. You don’t have to stand in a batshit line or pay an arm and a leg to try it. It’s a swell…morningcap?

Doughssant and treats from Auddino's.

Doughssant, coconut-filled cookie, and chocolate chip cookie.

Challenge of the Day: Twenty house points to the person who gives me a satisfactory antonym to “nightcap” or at least a hilarious made up version to add to my vernaculary (also a made up word).

Update: Eyeopener, deoch an doris (not made up, but from Gaelic), and anti-fogmatics.


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  1. In Scots (from the Gaelic) we would call it a deoch an doris. Since that simply refers to a last drink you have before parting without specifying a time of day, I think that would count. Literally it means a drink at the door. In useage, I would say to someone, “Would you like a wee deoch an doris?”

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