Summer Cravings


Every other month, I go through a cycle of food obsessions–mostly predictable things. Like the second it’s October, I want soup and pumpkin-flavored everything (I am quite aware how basic I am, thank you). Then you’ve got the constants, like avocado and peppers. I WILL NEVER TIRE OF THEM. And then you have the absolute random, like the two weeks I ate hummus and hot buffalo wing pretzels every single day.

I’ve been all over the usual suspects this summer: sweet corn, my beloved avocados, stone fruit…but all this girl wants lately is refined sugar and Korean food. I blame this on my alarming addiction to sweets and all of the Korean dramas I’ve been watching lately (every episode involves eating). And no, I’m not fluent yet (I wish), so I’ve been overcompensating by consuming all of the kalbi (Korean barbecued short ribs) in the world.

Kalbi is usually on the pricy side, so I’ve been making do with the Trader Joe’s version (found in the freezer section) and the plate lunch at Aloha Hawaiian BBQ. Pro tip: get the spam musubi as well–trust me. Vegetarian friends, this would be the moment to avert your eyes:

Kalbi from Aloha Hawaiian BBQ

Growing up, I couldn’t have Korean barbecue without Chilsung Cider, but since these are trying times, I’ve been drinking those tiny Cokes and convincing myself it’s not that bad for me. I don’t drink soda normally, so I’m hoping that particular obsession runs its course.

When I’m not punishing my body with red meat and sugar water, I’m filling the void with other confectionary delights. I finally placed an order with Rogue Bakery and holy smokes:


Do you see this batshittery? The CMC was my favorite (who knew cornflakes went well in cookies), but the WTF got bonus points for its name and the madness within:


I’ve also been having mad hankerings for the cut outs at Pattycake Bakery. I feel like I ought to just set up house in their parking lot at this point.


“Yummy” is right, you beautiful bastard.

Remember my monocled friend from the farmers’ market? I think back to him so fondly that I’ve been on a mission to eat his entire family. Whoops.

Just in case you needed reminding.

Just in case you needed reminding.

My latest desire is to recreate a dessert I made (and annihilated) earlier this year. Here is my super secret recipe: plonk a Joe’s O (or Oreo) into a half-filled tin of cupcake batter (preferably vanilla) and then top with batter (you end up with about 2/3 of the tin filled). Then bake according to your box (or from-scratch recipe, you overachievers). You end up with this lovely:


Coming soon: my sugar intervention and detox.


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