Burgers at Bareburger


A few weekends ago, I gathered as much of my family as I could (read: those who would drive downtown for lunch) and we met up at the new Bareburger by the Convention Center.

I’ll give you your ambiance photos, but I just want you to know what’s coming:


 Now that you know what you’re in for, let’s set the scene. I heard about this place from Alicia, whose excitement upon its opening was contagious. The premise is a burger joint that serves only organic food: from the ketchup to the brioche buns, it’s all organic. They even have a neat info card that talks about their ingredients at every table.


That pink sheet is the menu. You can build your own burger (including toppings, proteins, and bun), or you can choose from their pre-set burgers, which come with a protein recommendation, and choose your bun. They have a good deal of sides, sauces, salads, the whole shebang. There’s a kids menu, and even an organic milkshake menu. They offer a full bar and lots of local beers. And the space is neat, too! Here’s our booth:


We happily welcomed the bear as our sixth guest and started ordering all the things. Our server was wonderful: Full of information, recommendation, and conversation. We elected to go classic burger joint and pick up some fried onion rings, french fries + sauces, and sweet potato fries. The whole place is ala carte, so side selection is at your discretion.


The french fries are bomb. They’re very good. To be honest, the onion rings and sweet potato fries left a little to be desired, especially if you’re used to beer battered rings, but they were still good. The four sauces we had, on the other hand, were very tasty: smokehouse sauce, smoked paprika mayo, curry ketchup, and special sauce. My favorite was the mayo because I like all things that are bad for me. The ketchup here is also worth mentioning: SO GOOD. Go for the ketchup alone; I swear you won’t be disappointed.

After all that they brought out our giant, ridiculous burger. The one above was mine, and I went with the Southern burger with the recommended elk. This bad boy has pickled green tomatoes on it, and the thickest bacon I’ve seen in a restaurant. I’ve got the cross-section to prove it.


See that giant strip of bacon? And that green tomato? This is the real deal. The elk was very good, not too game-y, but still in an interesting flavor.

Around the table we had quite a variety. Husband ordered the Habanero Express with the wild boar, and we had the California with beef, the Original with beef, and I can’t remember, but with bison. Here’s an onslaught of photos. I couldn’t be bothered to take notes on which photo was which burger: Priority one was GET BURGER IN MOUTH. You’re lucky I even got these photos.



There’s that magical ketchup we talked about!

The table was quiet for quite a while (a rarity with this group) while we ate. I’m going to be brave and say the bison was the best, followed maybe by the classic beef burger. The elk and boar were very good, but they just didn’t compare to the bison. TRUST ME. The greatest part about being a blogger is that everyone insists you try their food. While I was unhinging my jaw to get my own burger in, the rest of my party were busy cutting little wedges out of theirs so I could try them all. Good folks, yes? And it’s all for YOU, readers!

Too long; didn’t read: This place is delicious. Your burger can be as sinful or as light as you want, and you can feel good about eating the freshest and most organic of ingredients. And please, if you try a milkshake, drop me a line? Husband said I had to draw the line somewhere.

Bareburger is located at 463 N. High Street. Open M-Th, 11am-10pm; F-Sat, 11am-midnight; Sun, 11am-5pm. 


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