Alexis’ Latest Adventures in Eating

{by alexis} We all get busy, right? Sometimes, when life is especially hectic, I forgot to do things, like the dishes, sort the mail, make dinner, take the dog for forty walks a day. Guess what I don’t forget to do? Eat. I’m pretty much always eating. If I’m not eating, odds are I’m planning my next outing, poring over menus, and sending links to Alicia. What follows is a collection of the things that have been tickling my fancy in the food department these last several weeks. Grab a cup and scroll on down!

A few weekends ago, we tricked some friends of ours into having brunch with us. “Dutch babies!” I insisted. Joe was pretty sure I was suggesting a geographically specific adoption, but no! I had my eye on The Table.

The Table | Wander & Whine

This tasty infant came with warm pears folded into the center. Delish! We had cocktails, coffee, and the most beautiful roast beef sandwich I’ve ever seen.

The Table | Wander & Whine The Table | Wander & Whine The Table | Wander & Whine

You didn’t believe me, did you? That a roast beef sandwich could be so…attractive. Well, The Table just proved you wrong! That bun looks pillowy and soft and I want to make it into a sleeping bag.

On a Friday night a few weeks later, I found myself tucked away in a dim booth at Curio with Alicia and Miche, from Buttons & Birdcages. After a clumsily choreographed pizza order, we sat back with our cocktails. And I have to tell you about this amazing thing I ordered: A BOURBON MILKSHAKE.

curio | Wander & Whine

But please promise me you won’t go in and order the bourbon milkshake — that’s not what it’s called. I gave it this delightful nickname after it’s deliciousness knocked me out of my booth and I sent several frenzied, all caps text messages to folks announcing that such a cocktail exists. I can’t tell you what it’s really called because they keep their menu under wraps. What I CAN tell you is that it contains bourbon (shocker, right?) almond, cream, and soda. It is so, so good.

Late last week, one of my coworkers decided we needed a pick-me-up, and HE DELIVERED. Look at these beauties!

wander & whine

They are chocolates! Each is about the size of an egg, and they have unique flavors. I happened to sample the chocolate AND the strawberry (why stop at one!), and they were delightful! He said he grabbed them at Costco so keep your eyes peeled!

This past weekend found Joe and I both of work and without plans, so after bullying him into buying me a new pair of running shoes (I’d had my old ones since 2008!), we took ourselves out to our perennial favorite 16-Bit Bar + Arcade. I finally gave into the siren song of the Hulk Hogan, with its popsicle stirrer. NO REALLY.wander & whine

It was the bomb. And I loved how the flavored changed as the pop melted. And yes, I ate the leftovers.

We live in a beautiful city with so much crazy food to sample. Get out there and eat!


36 Hours in Vegas


After our few days in San Diego, we shelled out $36 apiece for tickets (baggage was extra) to Las Vegas. I had been to Sin City five times before this last trip, but never at 21 years or older. I was more than ready to experience the Las Vegas they make movies about (although I was never too young to appreciate National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation: A large portion of my conversation is actually obscure quotes from this film).

After one of the bumpiest descents of my life ($36 tickets don’t cover shocks, apparently), we landed in the desert, and hopped a cab to the Mirage, where we were staying. Bring cash! Cab drivers here are happy to accept cards, but you’ll be shelling out a $3 service fee for the convenience.

Check-in was fairly quick, so we took our mini water bottles and walked about a mile up to our room. This is not a complaint: If you’re going to Vegas, get ready to walk. The best part of the Mirage is far and away the beds. I actually pulled the sheets off ours to look at the mattress (though they also have it on their web site), so I can furnish our home with this small piece of heaven.

We rested a little, but headed back out to the strip. This was our first Kodak moment.


This character cheekily interrupted my carefully composed landscape, but now I actually think it’s pretty perfect. Vegas is just like this: Huge, mostly beautiful, and a bit grimy.

After losing a bit of cash in a few slot machines (we’re not big gamblers: I like the machines that let you play little video games every so often!), we decided that we should eat. We did a bit of research via iPhone and settled on the Wicked Spoon buffet at the Cosmopolitan hotel. The Cosmopolitan is my new favorite. It’s swanky, modern, and cool. Here is the chandelier bar near the entrance. We tried to order the fire-breathing dragon per Alicia’s instructions, but sadly they no longer offer it. Doesn’t keep the place from looking enchanting, however.


We made our way to the buffet, another two-miler through the hotel. We were quickly seated at the buffet and began one of the most epic food journeys I’ve ever experienced. Lucky you, you get to come with me!

We started at the salad table, which, looking back, was high on both of our favorite’s list! The section was tended expertly by a team of chefs, swapping out bowls, refreshing plates, replacing tongs.


You’ll see a lovely mini wedge salad, a pasta salad, heirloom tomato salad, and my absolute favorite, the kale salad. It sounds uninspiring, but it was delicious. I think I actually love kale. Who knew? Time for the next trip.Image

At the bottom right, you’ll see a mini fryer basket (!) with fried chicken. Very good. At the bottom center you’ll notice a small segment of bone marrow. Never heard of that being on a buffet! It was buttery, and salty, and very good. At the top center you’ll see our favorite for the evening: macaroni and cheese made to order. You get to pick your cheeses and your toppings. We went with the gruyere (ALWAYS CHOOSE THE GRUYERE) and cheddar, and topped it with onions, ham, bacon, and mushrooms. The chef mixed the cheeses with alfredo sauce (are you dead yet?) in a sauce pan, and tossed everything together. It was decadent, outrageous, and the winner of the evening. I feel very “Midwestern” saying the mac ‘n’ cheese was the best, but IT WAS. I’m an unabashed fan.

The Asian-inspired section was neither of our favorites, but much of it did come in tiny little take-out boxes, which got points for being straight-up adorable. The dessert table was our last stop.


At the top you’ll see the molten chocolate cake, which was the second best. The two little square cakes are pistachio and fudge nightmares. Please skip them. Bottom left corner is some bundt cake that was essentially a teeny donut. More points for cute. In the center you’ll see my favorite, the stracciatella gelato. Yes! They had a gelato counter! I’ve been obsessed with gelato ever since we went to Italy (not a day went by without a trip to a counter). It’s not as good here, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t GREAT.

We fueled up with coffee and headed out for the evening. We hit it big at Harrah’s (okay, I won $30 on penny slots). The servers were the most attentive there, too: They kept our glasses full and our behinds planted in the slot machine seats.

We were out late, but we got up at 9 am to get down to the pool. It was going to be a strange day: We had arranged for a late check-out (translation: we paid an additional $30 for an additional 3 hours) and would have to be out of our room at 3 pm. Our flight, however, didn’t leave until that evening (technically Friday) at 12:35 am.

So anyway, we went to the pool! Since we hadn’t reached a beach in San Diego, and it wasn’t even warm enough there anyway, I was desperate for some pool time. It opened at 9 am, and we were down there no later than 9:30: most of the chairs were gone at this point. We snagged a few and settled in.

photo 3-13

photo 4-11photo 1-16

We did some top-notch people-watching, and I had a Miami Vice for breakfast (it’s VACATION). The pool here is lovely. The waterfalls provide relaxing ambient noise, and they don’t let the water get too warm. It’s beautifully landscaped, and there are plenty of servers milling about, ready to deliver to your pool chair any dish or frozen concoction you could imagine. It was just what I needed.

But alas! We had that pesky check-out time! We ran upstairs, cleaned up, packed up, and headed back out to the strip. It was a beautiful, hot day.

Paris isn’t my favorite hotel (what do you mean I’m not outside?), but it sure adds something to the Vegas skyline.

photo 2-17

Here we are standing at the Bellagio, facing the strip. These are the famous dancing fountains. They are absolutely worth a viewing, or ten. I’ve seen them before, but I was surprised at how delightful I found them. They are beautiful. Better at night, surely, but still charming in the daylight. They play all kinds of music — classical, country, big band — but I was bummed to miss out on some Sinatra or Dean Martin.

We spent some time at several casinos that day. We also popped into Bellagio’s Botanical Gardens, which was totally worth it. I don’t have pictures, unfortunately, because the whole space is overwhelming. There is no way my puny little phone could do it justice. Go: The flowers and sculptures are whimsical, perfectly executed, and so cheerful.

photo 1-17

We continued to wander, before settling into the Cosmopolitan again for more fun slot machines. We enjoyed a few drinks before heading back to the Mirage to collect our bags, and then to the airport for our late flight. Vegas was a whirlwind, which I’m sure is a common experience. I’d like to return for a few more nights: plan out more dinners, see a few shows, and spend a good several days baking by whatever pool is closest. You just need that sometimes.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Alexis, what did you eat that day!” We did indeed eat, but I’m leaving that restaurant out for good reason: food poisoning. Yes, I spent the whole, bumpy flight home as ill as I’ve ever been. And folks, in case you’ve ever doubted them, those air sick bags serve their purpose perfectly.

That’s all I’ll say about that! (Don’t worry: we’re better now!) We had considerable bumps in our traveling this go about the country, but that won’t stop us I’m sure. I don’t know where we’ll be headed next, but I promise you to still order and eat the most ridiculous thing on the menu, and report back. I’m committed!

Hudson 29 + Alexis’ Birthday


My love for celebrating my own birthday is a well-known, and tolerated truth. About a month before May 3, I start dropping comments like, “My birthday is so close,” and “I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my last birthday!” These comments are met early with eye-rolling and later panic because you still have no plans, even though I’ve been warning you for a month! Or maybe that’s just my husband’s experience.

Anyway! This was quite a year for my birthday. Though my actual day of birth wasn’t till Saturday, my girlfriends kicked off my “birthday week” with Monday morning donuts from Honey Dip. All signs pointed to a happy couple of days.

Come Friday, they brought out their big guns. Check out this chocolate creation, the likes of which you have never seen.

photo 2-10

That is a triple-layer chocolate cake. That middle layer you see there is not cake, in fact, but brownie. YES. There is brownie in the middle of my cake. I’m always a fan of layer cakes — more places to put frosting. I housed that whole piece first thing in the morning, and jittered my way through a busy work day. After burning it off at the gym (or one-sixteenth of it), husband and I got ready for our dinner at Hudson 29 in Upper Arlington.

Cameron Mitchell almost never disappoints, and I was excited to see their new space and try the menu. It’s a casually swanky place (go with me here), full of comfy fabrics and dark wood. The bar was full, and due to the dim lighting and buzz of the other customers, I felt a little like I was dining in LA on an episode of the Hills.

We started with cocktails (please assume this sentence to be true for every dinner blog post ever). I started with the Daisy, and husband went for a classic gin martini, and even shared his stuffed olives with the birthday girl.

photo 1-7

Mine was light, refreshing, but not overly sweet. It was also popular: almost every table was sprinkled with these pink drinks, and I was happy to assimilate.

We were surprised to see sushi on the menu (well, I wasn’t — I do my research), and husband chose the Hawaii Five-O as our appetizer. Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of sushi. I will try anything you throw at me, but sushi has never been my favorite. This, on the other hand, was delicious.

photo 2-8Please pretend like this roll isn’t half-eaten. We got a little excited when it arrived and forgot all about my blogging duties. Husband described it as “sweet,” well I went for a more direct “delicious.” It was excellent. I would order this one again, without hesitation, and refuse to share.

So then of course it was time for more drinks. I went for the famously potent French 75 (happy birthday to me). Do yourself a favor and read about this drink’s history; any drink favored by Ernest Hemingway in his Paris phase is one that deserves a place on my order rotation.

photo 3-7

Although the French 75 is hiding, it is not shy.

And to dinner! I went with the night’s special of pan-fried walleye, and husband went for a generous portion (is there any other kind?) of medium-rare prime rib.

photo 4-4My fish was well-prepared. It wasn’t my favorite (husband says I just don’t like fish — but then why do I keep ordering it!), but he loved it. The leftover portion went beautifully in a late-night fish taco the next night. The fries were delightful. The skinny, seasoned type are my favorite, and these fit the bill.

photo 1-8

Husband’s prime rib was very, very wonderful. I stole more than a few bites from him, and the horseradish cream was the crowning jewel. He was extremely pleased, though didn’t love having to share so much.

So here we are, stuffed to the gills, savoring our last sips and bites, when our lovely waitress, Erin, came back and offered a complimentary dessert for my birthday! I cheerfully accepted another slice of chocolate cake, complemented with a scoop of Graeter’s vanilla ice cream. (This lesson in complimentary vs. complementary brought to you by grammarians everywhere.)

photo 2-9The cake was dense and the frosting thick. I know I don’t have to convince anyone of the genius that is the pairing of ice cream and cake, but really, the lightness and coolness of the ice cream was wonderful against the heavy Texas sheet cake.

Have I convinced you to try Hudson 29 yet? You should go. The cocktails are fun, the food delicious, and the service wonderful (thanks, Erin!). The ambiance is hip, but not snooty. You’ll feel like you’re in with the in-crowd, but after one (or three) French 75s, you won’t care about the cool kids at all.

Tune in later this week for more birthday fun!

Hudson 29 is located at 1600 W Lane Ave. M-Thurs, 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat, 11:30am-11pm; Sun, 11:30am-9pm.

To Market and a Pitstop at The Angry Baker

{alicia & alexis}

Due to our husbands’ obsessions with March Madness, Alicia and I both found ourselves with Saturday afternoon free. We spent some time looking through fellow bloggers’ weekend event lists and finally settled on the winter market at 400 West Rich. I wandered down from German Village (if it’s above 40, not raining, and less than two miles away, I’m walking) and met Alicia in the lot before we headed inside.


I guess you can say we were embracing the concept of spring–even if the temperature was not. I’m a huge fan of farmers’ markets, primarily because my love of fresh produce isn’t compatible with my possession of a black thumb. Seriously, I killed a cactus once. His name was Plato, and I still feel bad about the little guy. Anyhow, though growing season is still lurking around the corner, it was nice to get out of the house and away from the shouts of rage or “The madness!” (In reference to the March Madness, of course).

We took a few laps around the place. There were twenty vendors there; it wasn’t a huge market. There was a DJ and quite a lot of people milling around. I contemplated buying some rabbit (meat) for my husband, (Here, honey, I bought you a bunny; please cook it) but decided I wasn’t feeling quite that generous. There were candle-makers, cheese mongers, and artisan marshmallows. It was quite a collection. And with all this variety guess where I ended up.

IMG_9284Yep, the bar. I sidled up and asked the bartender what was good (I was walking, remember?). She suggested their Bloody Mary–made unique by the fact that it was mixed with whiskey rather than vodka. Terrifying, but I pride myself on trying the weirdest thing on the menu. I was sure this was it. Not being huge into whiskey, I was afraid that its flavor would be too strong and overwhelm the drink, but my fears had no basis. You could certainly taste the whiskey, but it wasn’t over-powering. Would I order it again? Perhaps not. Still, if you love whiskey, I’m sure you’d be raving.

So on we went. We stood in the corner watching a child throw a tantrum for a good ten minutes while I worked on my cocktail, and then continued our way around the room.

IMG_9283We wound up at the Franklinton Gardens booth for awhile getting more information. It’s a pretty great sounding project. It’s a nonprofit, urban garden providing fresh produce in an area deemed a “food desert.” While they’ve got some experts at the helm, anyone can volunteer to pitch in and sign up for a shift. We added our names to the email list, so maybe you’ll even find us there one afternoon!IMG_9286There were rumblings about food trucks, but we didn’t have much luck in finding any. Lily’s Mini Delights held down the fort, as far as we could see, and looked quite tempting.

IMG_9302We (creepily) hovered around her stand long enough to breathe in the sugary air and watch the magic doughnut flipping contraption (we’re both twelve years old) do its thing. I hadn’t eaten all morning, and Alexis was in a whiskey-fueled haze, so something more substantial was in order.

You would think the urgency of our cranky stomachs would be enough to move us along, but we sat in my car for an inordinate amount of time, pondering the universe, and generally getting off task (how we do), until Yelp swooped in and saved the day. A few moments later, we were rolling up here:

IMG_9303Once inside, we were faced with the daunting prospect of what to order. But can you blame us? Look at this awesome breakfast menu!

IMG_9304It was a tie between the Fork & Knife Burrito (I mean, Sriracha was involved), and the French Toast Sandwich. The employee taking our order confirmed that both were wise decisions, so we did the most logical thing, order one of each and eat off eachother’s plates.

The burrito was aptly named as consuming it did require flatware. Honestly, you can’t go too wrong with avocado, black beans, and sriracha in my book, so of course it was a tasty meal. It was filling, and I could only eat half. The green salsa on top was a nice cool contrast to the toasty burrito.

IMG_9313The French toast sandwich was my personal favorite, and I lucked out on being the one in charge of it. It was the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and I’m fairly certain I was embarrassingly vocal about how much I liked it.


We were also entranced by the mind-blowing array of baked goods flirting with us behind the display case. I think Alexis exclaimed “Seriously, look at those eclairs” about a dozen times. The eclairs were huge and looked amazing, but I was too busy lusting over the cupcakes. Do not despair, I brought one home with me and all was well in the world once more.


Chicago from the Langham Hotel


As I mentioned, I spent a long weekend in Chicago over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Husband and I always butt heads when it comes to booking hotels, and this trip followed suit. A few weeks before, I began to despair, yelling about how all the reasonable hotels were booked and we would just have to shell out for a five-star. Ever frugal, husband began a hunt of his own, and turned up the best of both worlds: A bargain on that five-star hotel I was whining about.

We arrived on Friday morning and took the elevator up to the lobby of the Langham Hotel. I was in love. Right on the river with windows from floor to ceiling, I would have been happy to sleep right there. Our room not ready yet, we wandered down to the Lake by Navy Pier. I am from Michigan, and spent my summers on Lake Huron, so I feel a strong connection to the Great Lakes. It was a beautiful day, to boot.

photo 2 (3)

It wasn’t long before the hotel called to let us know our room was ready, and I rushed us back. Almost as beautiful as the day outside.

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (2)

Again with the windows! Not pictured is a sitting area to the left of the bed, a huge entryway, and three (count ’em, THREE) closets. The bathroom was equally beautiful. That room in the back? That’s the shower. THE SHOWER.

Later, we got down to the beautiful spa area. The locker room amenities are open to hotel guests at no extra charge, and feature two saunas and steam room. I swaddled myself in the giant bathrobe and matching slippers and took full advantage of these perks.

But! Believe it or not we did not spend the whole trip admiring our beautiful room. We did go out! Mostly to eat. We began our culinary odyssey at Sable, located inside the Hotel Palomar. The restaurant is helmed by Heather Terhune, a former contestant from Top Chef, and focuses on inventive cocktails and plates sized to share or hoard. Here are some of our favorites.

photo 2 (2)

chicken and waffles

the Fire and Ice

the Fire and Ice

At the top, you’ll see our order of chicken and waffles. We had four in our party, and it was perfect for sharing. The waffles had a donut-like consistency, and were very cake-y. One of my dining partners wished there had been more salt to balance, but they were overall a hit. At the bottom you’ll see two of our many delicious cocktails. One, the Fire and Ice, is a drink that is not on the menu. It contains sriracha, jalapenos, and cucumbers. This was definitely the favorite of the night. A big thank you to Foursquare for clueing us in to this gem.

Saturday’s festivities were of course, green. We enjoyed the dyeing of the river from our perch at the Langham and toasted with a few Guinnesses. That river turns green for real, a radioactive, completely saturated green.

photo 2 (1)

We spent the rest of the day wandering from bar to bar, from green beer to green beer, with a few Irish coffees sprinkled throughout. By the end of the evening, we found ourselves at Trader Todd’s, singing Sweet Caroline with a troop of Michigan State grads who adopted me. (Yep, I’m a Spartan, through and through!) Husband agreed to let me order room service if we took the train home instead of a taxi, so we enjoyed a sandwich before tumbling into bed after the long day.

Sunday we woke up ready to eat more. Lots more. We started with a beautiful brunch at the Gage, on Michigan Avenue across from Millennium Park. I had been there before for an unforgettable dinner with two of my best friends (elk, tartare, quail eggs were all part of the experience), and I have to say, I did prefer dinner to the brunch, but there’s no getting around the fact that we loved it. Here was the best part:

IMG_20140316_114917_931 (1)

nothing better than a little hair of the dog

Husband ordered a bloody mary, which we agreed was superior to most, and I sipped at yet another Irish coffee. Why aren’t all coffees Irish? So then we started eating.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 (1)

We started with the fried pickles (my love for these has already been made public). I’d never seen them sliced and then fried, and I had to appreciate all the extra surface area to hold the batter. Our main dishes came: his shrimp and grits, and mine corned beef hash. I am a sucker for hash (yes, even the canned variety), and poached eggs so this was a no-brainer for me, and it certainly delivered. Husband’s grits were well-flavored and filling.

Feeling full, we wandered over to Millennium Park to enjoy a bit more of the day. It was another beauty.

photo 3

We took ourselves home to rest and watch MSU win the Big Ten Tournament (go green!), and gathered up our strength for our next food adventure that evening. We were bent on finding some authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza. Our Yelp searching brought us to Lou Malnati’s. We ordered a small Lou and a medium Chicago Classic, in addition to a salad. You guys, we over-estimated how much we could eat, because these pizzas were monsters.

photo 4

They’re each a few inches thick, and the larger one features what husband likes to call a “frisbee of sausage.” Perfectly descriptive. Not being a huge fan of sausage, I much preferred the Lou with its spinach and mushrooms. Needless to say, we enjoyed the remaining pizza the next morning before hopping our flight back to Columbus. Oh! And because we were flying on St. Patrick’s Day, Southwest offers free drinks! We eased ourselves back into adult life with twin bloody marys.

It was a whirlwind trip full of beautiful people and ridiculous food. I wish I were still there! Thanks, Chicago, for showing us such a good time. We’ll be back!

Dinner and Several Drinks at the Jury Room


Last Friday was beautiful, wasn’t it? After traipsing around in the mud with Indy at the Scioto Audobon park, we were hungry and required a Friday cocktail or three. Since we live in German Village, we’ve had take out from the Jury Room several times, but I had never actually been inside. This, I decided, had to be remedied immediately. We grabbed our light jackets and wandered our way downtown.

After settling in and selecting our first drafts, husband read my mind and ordered a bucket of fried pickles. I’m a fan of both pickles and fried foods, so this is always a winning combination for me, but these are exceptional. The breading is substantial, but not tough, and so it stands up well to the tartness of the pickle. As always, I’m “watching what I eat” (read: watching fried pickle after fried pickle find its way to my belly), so I swore I’d only eat one, but alas, that was not to be.

Next, we put in our orders for dinner: I ordered the steak and horseradish sandwich (because HORSERADISH), and husband went for the bar classic, fish and chips. The entrees came out piping hot. Husband kept offering bites of his fish, but for a while, I was committed only to this sandwich (again, HORSERADISH). Finally, I gave into his demands that I MUST try this fish.


Guess what. ALSO DELICIOUS. I think I’m just a sucker for the Jury Room’s fryer because it might be the best fish and chips I’ve had in Columbus. His french fries were also obnoxiously tasty (as difficult to limit as those divine pickles). Between the two of us, we had enough food for probably an actual jury. But I don’t do well with sharing.

Am I not talking about the drinks? After our first beers, I decided to try the house drink, Jury Juice. Adorable, yes? Also $3. A delicious concoction of rum, lime juice, and 7-Up, I can see why a shady lawyer would try to pump this stuff into vulnerable jurors.


isn’t that can adorable?

My seat was facing the bar and I couldn’t stop staring at this giant jug of pepper- and bacon-infused vodka. Husband and I are big lovers of spicy foods, and are always challenging ourselves to try the hottest thing on the menu. Now, it was my turn to insist we try the vodka. I bashfully asked our waitress for a shot (I am too old for shots), assuring her that we just wanted to sample, not shoot the stuff and get rowdy. She was very kind, nodded her head, and said, “great, but I’m going to bring you water as well, because it’s spicier than people think.” We nodded as she left and thought, come on. It’s vodka, not a ghost chili. She quickly brought us our shot (in a respectable tumbler) along with a GIANT MUG OF WATER. See?


the size of this water is not an over-reaction

I sampled first. You guys. YOU GUYS. It was spicy. Any decent liquor will burn on its way down, but this stuck around, and the heat built as we continued to sip. This is not to say it wasn’t good — nay! it was excellent! — but it was spicier than your average “spicy drink.” In other words, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR WAITRESS.

Since I demanded we go home and watch “King of Nerds” (what, just me?), this was easily the most exciting thing that happened to us that evening. Truly, the Jury Room is not to be missed. The food is wonderful. The drinks are inventive, and equally wonderful. The service was great, and basically that waitress saved my life.

It’s absolutely worth mentioning that the Jury Room is a very old establishment, with a very rich history. Thoughtfully, this history is printed on their menu. Lucky for you, the owner, Liz Lessner, recently posted a history of the building on her own blog, and it is a fascinating read.

But really, do remember. TRUST YOUR WAITRESS.

Jury Room is located at 22 E. Mound Street. Sun-Thu, 11am-11pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-1am; Sat-Sun, 11am-4pm.