Alexis’ Latest Adventures in Eating

{by alexis} We all get busy, right? Sometimes, when life is especially hectic, I forgot to do things, like the dishes, sort the mail, make dinner, take the dog for forty walks a day. Guess what I don’t forget to do? Eat. I’m pretty much always eating. If I’m not eating, odds are I’m planning my next outing, poring over menus, and sending links to Alicia. What follows is a collection of the things that have been tickling my fancy in the food department these last several weeks. Grab a cup and scroll on down!

A few weekends ago, we tricked some friends of ours into having brunch with us. “Dutch babies!” I insisted. Joe was pretty sure I was suggesting a geographically specific adoption, but no! I had my eye on The Table.

The Table | Wander & Whine

This tasty infant came with warm pears folded into the center. Delish! We had cocktails, coffee, and the most beautiful roast beef sandwich I’ve ever seen.

The Table | Wander & Whine The Table | Wander & Whine The Table | Wander & Whine

You didn’t believe me, did you? That a roast beef sandwich could be so…attractive. Well, The Table just proved you wrong! That bun looks pillowy and soft and I want to make it into a sleeping bag.

On a Friday night a few weeks later, I found myself tucked away in a dim booth at Curio with Alicia and Miche, from Buttons & Birdcages. After a clumsily choreographed pizza order, we sat back with our cocktails. And I have to tell you about this amazing thing I ordered: A BOURBON MILKSHAKE.

curio | Wander & Whine

But please promise me you won’t go in and order the bourbon milkshake — that’s not what it’s called. I gave it this delightful nickname after it’s deliciousness knocked me out of my booth and I sent several frenzied, all caps text messages to folks announcing that such a cocktail exists. I can’t tell you what it’s really called because they keep their menu under wraps. What I CAN tell you is that it contains bourbon (shocker, right?) almond, cream, and soda. It is so, so good.

Late last week, one of my coworkers decided we needed a pick-me-up, and HE DELIVERED. Look at these beauties!

wander & whine

They are chocolates! Each is about the size of an egg, and they have unique flavors. I happened to sample the chocolate AND the strawberry (why stop at one!), and they were delightful! He said he grabbed them at Costco so keep your eyes peeled!

This past weekend found Joe and I both of work and without plans, so after bullying him into buying me a new pair of running shoes (I’d had my old ones since 2008!), we took ourselves out to our perennial favorite 16-Bit Bar + Arcade. I finally gave into the siren song of the Hulk Hogan, with its popsicle stirrer. NO REALLY.wander & whine

It was the bomb. And I loved how the flavored changed as the pop melted. And yes, I ate the leftovers.

We live in a beautiful city with so much crazy food to sample. Get out there and eat!


Eating in Charleston

{by alicia}–Ohh, you guys. I had this carefully crafted post all written and ready to go, and then my computer decided to crash and ruin everything. So here we are, for the second time, to recap all of the glorious things I consumed in Charleston. Forgive me if I come across grumpy and/or concise, but my rage meter is beyond measure. SO LET’S GET STARTED.

Since we drove into Charleston bright and early, our first stop was at Black Tap Coffee. I couldn’t help but fall in love from the moment I walked in–the interior was all minimalistic with clean lines and full of natural light. Plus, my coffee was on point. This doesn’t strike me as the type of place that would franchise, but I wish they would.

Iced Coffee from Black Tap Charleston, SC

The simple syrup was genius. I hate the gritty residue sugar leaves behind, so it was amazing being able to seamlessly blend in this sweet, magical elixir. Such a simple (ha) concept, and it was all over Charleston. Why don’t I ever see this in Columbus? Am I going to the wrong coffee houses?

You know what else is genius: coffee + booze. There’s this great place off King Street called Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer, and though I can’t vouch for the beer (twas too early for me), I can recommend their other type of brew.


While waiting for my drink, I noticed a little courtyard–isn’t this picturesque? And there’s that creeping fig again. I wish we had the time to sit back and enjoy the scene, but we had to hit the pavement to our next stop.


A stop that happened to be Sugar Bakeshop. I guess I wasn’t too heartbroken.

Sugar Bake Shop

You know what goes well with coffee? Cupcakes.

Sugar Bake Shop

We walked away with caramel, coconut, and of course, vanilla (because that is the flavor I measure all bakeries against, plus I’m boring, shhh). But it’s okay! I made up for it when we went to Kaminsky’s. This dessert bar is a tourist hotspot–like lines wrapped around the building hotspot. I think we waited 30+ minutes for a table, but I assure you, it was BEYOND WORTH IT.

Kaminsky's menu, Charleston, SC

A shot of the menu. They have all sorts of drinks and ice cream treats on it.

There isn’t a printed bakery menu as the offerings depend on whatever is in the display case, and it’s ever changing. The case was jammed full of temptation–some of the cakes were massive. And though this was an insanely difficult decision, we ended up snagging the last slice of coconut cream cake and a massive hunk of chocolate brownie cake (with vanilla bean ice cream). This was the perfect night cap. It’s lucky we don’t live here, or our health and bank account would hate us.

Coconut Cream Cake from Kaminsky'sChocolate Brownie Cake from Kaminsky'sBesides top notch coffee and sweets, the general food scene was impressive. Our first meal was at S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad), which I highly recommend. The food is bistro-style lowcountry fare, and everything we ate was so delicious. Thom’s burger and chips were some of the best I’ve ever had–the house made chips were tossed in cayenne, sugar, and maybe paprika? Oh man, so good.
SNOB, Charleston, SC

In contrast, our last meal was at The Rarebit (also eclectic comfort food. I detect a theme). He had the hot chicken, and I went all out on country-fried steak with the most delicious (aka carby) sides.


I was all over my plate, but not so much husband’s food. I have to say I was disappointed by the lack of hot in the “hot” chicken. It wasn’t that long ago I tried the real deal in Nashville (and burned my face off in the process), so perhaps my standards were too high? At any rate, he liked it.

We’ve covered food, coffee, and dessert, so let’s talk about booze–namely the two bars that really did it for me. The first is The Blind Tiger. It’s old, historic (the building was erected in 1803), and I just loved the vibe. Plus they had cider on tap (it is the summer of cider after all), so it wasn’t that difficult to win me over.

The Blind Tiger

“Where did you pinch the hooch rummy? Is some blind tiger jerking suds on the side?”

The second place is the Rooftop at the Vendue. Um, guys, I wish I knew this hotel existed when I was booking our room. The concept is “experiencing art out of the frame,” so the interior was just beautiful and jammed with sculptures, painting, and modern art. We were entranced by everything during the short walk from the entrance to the rooftop elevator. I don’t know about the rooms, but it’s in a great area, is beautiful, and has a rooftop bar–stay here!

IMG_1414The rooftop bar was a lot of fun, and would be perfect if you have a big crowd. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies to hang out in.IMG_1483 IMG_1482The drinks are a tad pricy, but it’s vacation, right? 

We only had two days to cram all sorts of amazing things into our faces, but I think we did okay, considering there are only three meals in a day (a travesty).

Other places you should try:
Hominy Grill: You WILL need a reservation at dinner (as I learned the hard way), but if all else fails, grab some carryout from the window.
Husk: This establishment has won all sorts of awards for their amazing cuisine. Make sure to get a reservation here as well.
Poe’s Tavern: It’s Poe-themed (I’m already sold) and the menu is nothing but booze and burgers (still sold). Only catch is that it’s on Sullivan Island (20 minute drive). Plan a beach day and grab some lunch here.

A Visit to Hilton Head


To coincide with Throwback Thursday, let’s continue the tale of my Southern vacation. After a quick stay in Savannah, Thom and I drove 45 minutes to our next destination–some call it Hilton Head Island; I call it Ohio Jr.

Hilton Head Island Beach

Okay, fine. Ohio doesn’t look like this.

If you’ve never been to HHI, you might be unaware that it’s the official vacation spot of the Buckeye state. I’m not sure why, exactly. The only reason Thom and I went is because we were the only people in the entire state who had never been.

I mean, I’m not complaining. It was a lovely place with great weather, and we subsisted on a diet of iced coffee and Miami Vices by the pool. Life was grand.

Drinks at the Omni Hilton HeadWe stayed in an area called Palmetto Dunes which was chock-full of golf courses, hotels, the beach, and a handful of restaurants. I would highly recommend renting a bike (Hilton Head Outfitters had them for $10 an hour and so forth) and exploring the scenic nooks and crannies.

Hilton Head isn’t exactly offbeat. It’s chain restaurants and commercialism at its finest, so I was thrilled when I came across the wondrous, yet random, Palmetto Dunes General Store. We were here every single day. Sometimes, twice a day. I MISS IT.

Palmetto Dunes General Store

They had EVERYTHING. Soft-serve ice cream reminiscent of my childhood? Check. A deli with the most delicious fried chicken in the back? CHECK! A crazy candy section? YES. Fanta in the most batshit flavors like peach and pineapple? SO MUCH YES.

I wasn’t the only one in love with the General Store. People would congregate outside eating popsicles, ice cream, and that amazing fried chicken at all hours of the day. Pro tip: the fried chicken sells out fast, so call in advance for large orders or show up before peak lunchtime to get a combo (get the mac and cheese).

I wouldn’t consider HHI a “foodie” place, but there were definitely some gems that could make me eat my words. The Porch (located in the Beach House Resort at Coligny Beach), was one of the more interesting restaurants we visited. The food was great (I had the catch of the day and Thom had more fried chicken) and it had the best ambience. The restaurant was decked out in wood, vintage decor, and there was a lovely breeze coming in from the ocean. Plus, we could easily park at the resort, a HUGE perk. Parking at Coligny Plaza is a nightmare at dinnertime.

The Porch, Hilton Head IslandThom had a birthday during our stay, and he chose Alexander’s for the celebratory dinner. The minute they plonked down the basket of warm, chewy bread, I knew this was going to be a successful meal.

Bread at Alexander's

Have I mentioned that I like a good bargain? Well, I do. Here’s a secret about a lot of restaurants in Hilton Head–they have Early Bird Menus. Alexander’s, for example, has a pretty sweet deal for $15.99. This includes a soup or salad, entree, and includes a complimentary glass of iced tea or lemonade. You can also snag Vella Chardonnay, Blush or Merlot wine for $4 a glass. The catch? You must be dining between 5:00p-5:45p.

Alexander's Crab Cakes Hilton HeadWhat is a birthday without a sinful dessert? I’ll tell you: the worst birthday ever. I owed Thom a birthday cake upon our return home (it was blue velvet cake–long story), so he took the pie route. Peanut butter pie, that is.

Peanut Butter Pie at Alexander's Hilton Head Island

“Too much pie, that’s your problem.”

Another cool spot was A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant. The food was pure comfort, the patio awesome, and the inside was friendly. Plus, there was banana pudding in huge mason jars.

A Low Country Backyard Restaurant Hilton Head Island

As with Savannah, we didn’t do a whole lot of planning. Our days revolved around lounging at the pool/beach, eating and drinking delicious things, and going to the General Store a hundred times a day. We also did a lot of exploring and aimless wandering. My only complaint? We had to drive so much. My travels usually take me to places with a metro system or the ability to walk everywhere, but this was not the case on the island. Not a big deal, but I wasn’t expecting it.

Sea Pines Hilton Head Island

Sea Pines was worth the drive.

After four relaxing days, we packed up the car for the last (and my favorite) leg of the trip: Charleston. To be continued!

24 Hours in Savannah


Oh, hi. Remember me? I’m back from vacation and adjusting to the real world. It’s a difficult transition, and I thank you for your understanding during these trying times. Yes, Columbus has its charms, but I can’t help but miss this type of atmosphere:


As seen on Jones Street.

Spanish moss, you guys. Need I say more? And Savannah gets bonus points for allowing people to walk around (most parts of) the city with an open container. Believe you me, we did our fair share of tippling–when in Rome the South, right?

The Public, Savannah

I especially enjoyed the drinks at The Public Kitchen and Bar (which was conveniently located next to our hotel). My favorite concoction included strawberry puree, St. Germain, and honeysuckle vodka (I KNOW, RIGHT). Unfortunately, I can’t remember what this drink was called. I was too busy shouting at my husband about how much I loved Savannah, while sending drunken texts to my friends (sorry, friends!), to pay attention to such details.

I did, however, manage to take a picture of the bar, which I was enamored by. Talk to me about this light fixture.

The Public, SavannahI can also vouch for the food–even though I didn’t take any pictures. If you are ever in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend The Public for your eating, drinking, and people-watching needs.

We didn’t really have a plan for our limited time in Savannah. It was supposed to be a relaxing visit, so I restrained myself from overplanning. Instead, we walked all over town, popped into places that struck our fancy, and stumbled across many a park and plaza.


The fountain in Forsyth Park.

We stayed in the Historic District, which I would recommend to anyone who is planning a trip. It’s centrally located to most of the big-ticket attractions, and it was easy to walk everywhere to take a million photo ops. I was happy about this as I hate driving on vacation (something we will talk about in my next post).


The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Along with sights and spirits (puns, as this place is supposedly haunted), Savannah is a great city for foodies. I had a list of recommendations a mile long, but I’m sorry to say we barely made a dent into it. I’ll tell you what we did, though. We stood in line at Leopold’s for over half an hour for ice cream. It was so hot outside that the employees kept bringing water to keep us from passing out.

Somehow, perhaps the promise of what was to come, we managed to brave the crowd and walk away with the richest, creamiest scoops of ice cream to ever exist.

Leopolds Ice Cream in Savannah.

Peanut butter chippy. You got lucky this time.

We also braved the brunch crowd at J. Christopher’s–I can’t even tell you how many people suggested this place to me. The standout was the blueberry crunch cakes (also recommended by a zillion people).

J. Christopher's, SavannahSpeaking of recommendations, here is a list of eateries I was unable to try, but came highly touted by everyone and their mom. My loss is hopefully your gain:



The past couple weeks have provided me with enough material to write ten lengthy posts, but for the sake of time and my sanity, we’re going to whittle it down to one. Most of this is stolen from my Instagram, so bear with me if it’s repetitive. I’ll try to add some jazzy descriptions here and there, but sometimes, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking.

Dutch Baby at The Table, Columbus.

Until a couple Sundays ago, I had never heard of a Dutch baby. Okay, semi-lie, I ate poffertjes in Amsterdam which were technically Dutch pancakes, but those were more like puffed pancake balls. The foodporn above is from The Table (separate post on this later), and it’s a flatter affair, thin in the middle, with fluffy edges. Just imagine a hybrid of a pancake and popover covered in fruit–amazing, right. I want one post haste.

I’ve been doing a lot of number-crunching lately (profit and loss statements are the work of the devil), so my brain has been a little crispy. I am not a numbers person, and tend to get frustrated over math, so my husband kindly wrenched me away from the computer to get me a decent lunch. A trip to Northstar helped take my mind off gross margins and sales to plant ratios (I hate that I even know what this stuff means), at least for a little while. Delicious Cane Cola also helped.
Northstar Cafe Chopped Salad in Columbus

Salad cancels out ice cream, at least in my world, so a trip next door to Jeni’s was a done deal.

Jeni's Ice Cream Columbus

After sampling the new Cultured Key Lime Pie Frozen Yogurt (a bit too tart for my tastes), I ordered a scoop of Buckeye State and Savannah Buttermint (peppermint ice cream with white chocolate stracciatelle). Thom got his usual (Buckeye State and the Milkiest Chocolate in the World), and we hunkered down on a stoop to eat ice cream in the sun. As I sat there, catching drips of ice cream running down the cone, I forgot for one blissful moment that I had to go back to my budgetary doom. Being an adult is hard sometimes–that is, until you remember why it’s kind of awesome. We can do whatever we want! I woke up on Saturday and declared I wanted to have breakfast at Starliner Diner and visit the giraffes. So we did. Take that, numbers!

Giraffe at the Heart of Africa, Columbus Zoo

I’ve got to hand it to the Columbus Zoo–they have done a phenomenal job of reconfiguring its layout and adding this Heart of Africa exhibit. The habitat is huge (43 acres), and at certain hours of the day, you can feed the giraffes ($3). Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stand in this line, but it wasn’t a problem as there were polar bears to squee over.

Polar Bear at the Columbus Zoo

Speaking of bears, I finally made my way to Bareburger, and it was everything Alexis said and more. I can confirm the ketchup is tasty (the lack of HFCS makes a difference), and that they are planning on adding the brunch menu and spiked slushes soon. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t have a slush, so I dragged everyone to Denmark Hall after our meal.

A cosmopolitan at Denmark HallThis is a snazzy little spot overlooking High Street, and a perfect place to sip something cold and people watch. We were in and out for a nightcap, but there’s plenty of low couches and high tables if you want to hang out for awhile.

What is the opposite of a nightcap? I’m serious. Is there even a word? Whatever it is, I had one in the way of a doughssant from Auddino’s Bakery somewhere along my travels. Remember the cronut craze of 2013? As if you can forget that madness. Columbus has been harboring its own version for twenty years now. And here’s the rub. You don’t have to stand in a batshit line or pay an arm and a leg to try it. It’s a swell…morningcap?

Doughssant and treats from Auddino's.

Doughssant, coconut-filled cookie, and chocolate chip cookie.

Challenge of the Day: Twenty house points to the person who gives me a satisfactory antonym to “nightcap” or at least a hilarious made up version to add to my vernaculary (also a made up word).

Update: Eyeopener, deoch an doris (not made up, but from Gaelic), and anti-fogmatics.

A Mental Detox


Happy Monday! (I know, that’s a bit of an oxymoron. Just go with it). With Alexis in San Diego this week, I’m holding down the fort. I have quite a bit of material from the past couple weeks, so this post is going to be a bit of a mishmash.

Lately, life has been chaotic. You know how they say things happen in threes? I’m starting to buy it. In the past month, my husband has shattered an iPhone screen, my washing machine has died, and the contractors who installed the new washing machine caused a slow leak that flooded my bedroom. Blah.

I’ve been surprising zen about the matter (after a meltdown or two), and we are still living in a state of disarray while we wait for the company to process our claim and fix what they’ve ruined. My current mantra is “it could be worse,” and it’s helping me put things in perspective. We’re all healthy, with a roof over our heads, and lot of life to look forward to, like delightful dinners with family.

The Black Orchid at Ocean Club. Made from St. Germain Elderflower Liquor.

My favorite cocktail ever.

Can someone help a girl out and tell me where I can acquire St. Germain Elderflower Liquor in Ohio? The Black Orchid at Ocean Club is my jam, but at $12 a pop, I’d rather consume glasses of this on my patio for a fraction of the price. Though, in order to have drinks on my porch, it needs to warm up again. This spring has been such a tease, hasn’t it?

Work has also been kicking my ass, but I’ve been able to work from home here and there. It’s made for long, but super productive days, and I’ve managed to knock  some big projects off my to-do list. Lunching at home is another bonus.

Piada cannoli gelato

The epitome of a mouthgasm.

Oh, and when I say lunching I mean eating desserts. I saw that Piada added gelato to the menu, and all of my good intentions went right out the window. Worth it though. The chocolate cannoli marble gelato was out of control. Now I need to go back and try the strawberry marble version (vanilla bean gelato spun with strawberries, granola, and strawberry syrup), but there’s a salty caramel version as well–ahh, the struggle.

What they need is a gelato sampler, so that gluttons like me can have it all. Sort of like this awesome bento box lunch I ordered from Akai Hana this past weekend:

Akai Hana Bento Box LunchThis was the bento box of the day ($11) and almost way too much food for me (I said almost). Unpictured is the miso soup and salad that comes with the meal. Thom went with something a bit less compartamentalized.

Spicy shrimp roll and eel cucumber roll.

Spicy shrimp roll and eel cucumber roll.

Afterwards, we went next door to Belle’s Bread where I almost had a panic attack over the sheer amount of goodness. I WANTED ALL THE THINGS. I have more to say about this place, but I’m going to save it for a separate post.

My spoils.

To the victors go the spoils.

We walked away with a cream puff, chocolate croissant, and a slice of strawberry cake. All were demolished in less then five minutes.

After the wonder at Belle’s, we stopped by another wonder. Samba FRESH, a relatively new pressed juice bar that I have been curious about.

SambaFRESH pressed juice

Full disclosure: I know nothing about juicing, but it turned out to be a non-issue. The proprietors were extremely knowledgeable, and we were offered endless samples once it was clear we were newbies. We started with fruity juices before moving onto green juice and finishing with a protein version. The Proteina Plus was actually one of my favorites–it legit tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal milk.

Thom’s favorites were of the fruit juice persuasion, and after deliberating between Hidrate and Sol, he went with the brighter option.

Thom's juice.

Thom’s juice.

Despite my affinity for the protein drink, I looked towards a compromise between fruits and vegetables, and found it in Belo. I recommend this one for those who aren’t huge fans of “green” tasting drinks.

My juice.

My juice.

After the weeks we’ve had, a detox is sorely needed, not just in diet but mentally as well. This is why my sister and I are going to take a road trip to Nashville next weekend. I can’t wait to skip around the different neighborhoods, drink coffee, stalk Jack White, and eat all the things. First, I need to get through this week. Let’s make it a positive one!

Hudson 29 + Alexis’ Birthday


My love for celebrating my own birthday is a well-known, and tolerated truth. About a month before May 3, I start dropping comments like, “My birthday is so close,” and “I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my last birthday!” These comments are met early with eye-rolling and later panic because you still have no plans, even though I’ve been warning you for a month! Or maybe that’s just my husband’s experience.

Anyway! This was quite a year for my birthday. Though my actual day of birth wasn’t till Saturday, my girlfriends kicked off my “birthday week” with Monday morning donuts from Honey Dip. All signs pointed to a happy couple of days.

Come Friday, they brought out their big guns. Check out this chocolate creation, the likes of which you have never seen.

photo 2-10

That is a triple-layer chocolate cake. That middle layer you see there is not cake, in fact, but brownie. YES. There is brownie in the middle of my cake. I’m always a fan of layer cakes — more places to put frosting. I housed that whole piece first thing in the morning, and jittered my way through a busy work day. After burning it off at the gym (or one-sixteenth of it), husband and I got ready for our dinner at Hudson 29 in Upper Arlington.

Cameron Mitchell almost never disappoints, and I was excited to see their new space and try the menu. It’s a casually swanky place (go with me here), full of comfy fabrics and dark wood. The bar was full, and due to the dim lighting and buzz of the other customers, I felt a little like I was dining in LA on an episode of the Hills.

We started with cocktails (please assume this sentence to be true for every dinner blog post ever). I started with the Daisy, and husband went for a classic gin martini, and even shared his stuffed olives with the birthday girl.

photo 1-7

Mine was light, refreshing, but not overly sweet. It was also popular: almost every table was sprinkled with these pink drinks, and I was happy to assimilate.

We were surprised to see sushi on the menu (well, I wasn’t — I do my research), and husband chose the Hawaii Five-O as our appetizer. Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of sushi. I will try anything you throw at me, but sushi has never been my favorite. This, on the other hand, was delicious.

photo 2-8Please pretend like this roll isn’t half-eaten. We got a little excited when it arrived and forgot all about my blogging duties. Husband described it as “sweet,” well I went for a more direct “delicious.” It was excellent. I would order this one again, without hesitation, and refuse to share.

So then of course it was time for more drinks. I went for the famously potent French 75 (happy birthday to me). Do yourself a favor and read about this drink’s history; any drink favored by Ernest Hemingway in his Paris phase is one that deserves a place on my order rotation.

photo 3-7

Although the French 75 is hiding, it is not shy.

And to dinner! I went with the night’s special of pan-fried walleye, and husband went for a generous portion (is there any other kind?) of medium-rare prime rib.

photo 4-4My fish was well-prepared. It wasn’t my favorite (husband says I just don’t like fish — but then why do I keep ordering it!), but he loved it. The leftover portion went beautifully in a late-night fish taco the next night. The fries were delightful. The skinny, seasoned type are my favorite, and these fit the bill.

photo 1-8

Husband’s prime rib was very, very wonderful. I stole more than a few bites from him, and the horseradish cream was the crowning jewel. He was extremely pleased, though didn’t love having to share so much.

So here we are, stuffed to the gills, savoring our last sips and bites, when our lovely waitress, Erin, came back and offered a complimentary dessert for my birthday! I cheerfully accepted another slice of chocolate cake, complemented with a scoop of Graeter’s vanilla ice cream. (This lesson in complimentary vs. complementary brought to you by grammarians everywhere.)

photo 2-9The cake was dense and the frosting thick. I know I don’t have to convince anyone of the genius that is the pairing of ice cream and cake, but really, the lightness and coolness of the ice cream was wonderful against the heavy Texas sheet cake.

Have I convinced you to try Hudson 29 yet? You should go. The cocktails are fun, the food delicious, and the service wonderful (thanks, Erin!). The ambiance is hip, but not snooty. You’ll feel like you’re in with the in-crowd, but after one (or three) French 75s, you won’t care about the cool kids at all.

Tune in later this week for more birthday fun!

Hudson 29 is located at 1600 W Lane Ave. M-Thurs, 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat, 11:30am-11pm; Sun, 11:30am-9pm.