Village Lights in German Village

{by alexis} I have published many blog posts in which I yell about how wonderful it is to live in German Village. The food, the architecture, the brick-paved roads and — finally! — Village Lights! Every year in early December the city sets out luminaries in the early evening, businesses stay open late, and a Christmas market pops up outside the German Village Meeting Haus. And it is nothing short of holiday magic. This year, the event was sponsored by my beloved Schmidt’s.

village lights | wander & whine village lights | wander & whine

There was no shortage of seasonal cheer. We walked up and down Third Street, following the glowing path. It was a beautifully bright night, with the sky the a blue you find only in early winter.

village lights | wander & whine village lights | wander & whine village lights | wander & whine

Turning down Kossuth, we saw Helen Winnemore’s, which was glittering from corner to corner.

helen winnermore's | wander & whine

The kind folks from Edible Columbus had set up a Christmas cookie table outside, and we chatted while I sipped a cup of hot cider.

helen winnemore's | wander & whine

I can’t tell you how much I love Helen Winnemore’s. It is truly a gem in the local retail scene. They feature gifts, jewelry, home goods, stationary — every beautiful thing you can imagine, from artists who take pride in crafting unique and breathtaking items.

helen winnemore's | wander & whine helen winnemore's | wander & whine helen winnemore's | wander & whine

Those necklaces above are my absolute favorite. They artist has produced drawers full of different collections of jewelry, each featuring a different bloom. They are so different and beyond lovely.

We wandered out of the shop and followed the lights into Schillervillage lights | wander & whinevillage lights | wander & whine

Walking back, we watched a horse drawn carriage pulling along several laughing families. We ducked into the Book Loft (my favorite!) to check out the garden.

village lights | wander & whine

Our last stop was Pistacia Vera, who were hosting a cheery brass band playing holiday tunes. I chimed in (rather loudly) to a sing-a-long version of Rudolph. I know it’s meant for kids, but I can’t help it!

village lights | wander & whine

So, I’ll say it again: German Village is the most wonderful neighborhood, filled with the kindest and most interesting people. I’ll take any opportunity to shout it from the rooftops. Especially when those rooftops glitter like this.

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