A Visit to Ivy Bridal Studio

{by alexis} A few weeks ago, I was invited to come and check out Ivy Bridal Studio, a wedding gown salon in Dublin. How could I resist! As I mentioned in my wedding recap, bridal gowns are the absolute best part of planning a wedding. And when would a poor, married lady like me ever get a chance to skip about in the tulle and lace wonderland that is a bridal salon? I jumped at the chance to spend some time gawking at the dresses, and getting to know owner Jackie Trucco.

Calling this place bridal heaven is by no means an exaggeration. You’re welcomed into a big room with tall ceilings, and the walls are lined with rack after rack of diaphanous and silky fabrics, that beg you to touch them. I only wish they had been open when I was shopping for my dress. Instead, they opened their doors in March 2013.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineivy bridal studio | wander & whine The space is carefully and artfully put together, with soothing greys and sophisticated muted pinks and purples. All the better to make the dresses truly pop.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineOnce I stopped running from corner to corner gushing about this dress and that one (seriously, LOOK AT THE SKIRT ON THAT). I let Jackie get a word in on what sets their salon apart from others around town. In case the pictures aren’t hint enough, it’s clear that Ivy Bridal offers a vast variety of types of gown. Yes, you’ll find your lace v-neck…

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineBut also the frothy pink beaded number you thought didn’t exist in real life. It does, and it is GLORIOUS.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineJackie explained that she did an ungodly amount of research before opening, even visiting bridal fashion week in NYC, before picking the designers she wished to work with. She only stocks what she likes. Turns out, I don’t mind it so much either! She did confess to being drawn to this strapless striped number, and you can see why.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineWhere have you seen this before?! Do you not want to crawl in from the bottom and find a fancy party to flounce off to? Can you really ONLY wear this dresses at your own wedding?

And check out this ball gown.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineAre you dead? Have I killed you? If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a sneak peek of my favorite dress in the store.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineThough simple, the details on this dress were so well-done, so sweet I couldn’t stop photographing it. Here’s the front.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whineThe raw-edged lace at the bust! The cummerbund! The teeny-tiny straps! It is all too much for me. Jackie is lucky I didn’t INSIST on putting this bad boy on.

After reminding myself that this wasn’t play time, I asked Jackie what advice she has for brides just beginning their dress shopping, and she suggests staying open to all types of dresses. Convinced you’ll wind up in a sleeved number? Try it on, but don’t forget that dresses like this EXIST:

ivy bridal studio | wander & whine

Jackie also warns against that dress epiphany, the moment that “Say Yes to the Dress” has capitalized on over the years (and YES OF COURSE I WATCH IT). Don’t be discouraged if your heart doesn’t immediately go THAT ONE, THAT ONE. You’ve got a lot to think about: time of day, venue, season — all of these things effect the dress selection.

If you do head into Ivy Bridal Studio, you can expect an intimate experience. They only take one appointment at a time! Just think: You’ve got ALL that hardwood on which to spin! And I absolutely endorse a practicing your dance moves in anything you’re seriously considering. Oh, and they let you take pictures in the dress!

Of course, Jackie does more than just dresses. You can find veils, jewelry, bridesmaid dresses, and the most INSANE (read: amazing) BEJEWELED BOLERO I have ever seen.

ivy bridal studio | wander & whine ivy bridal studio | wander & whine ivy bridal studio | wander & whineI can’t say enough good things about Jackie and the store. The stock is the bomb, and the service is great.

And if you go, can you take me with you? I promise to sit politely on the purple davenport and gush over how lovely you look! I just want to be where the gowns are!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Compensation was provided by Ivy Bridal, but all opinions are my own.

Ivy Bridal Studio is located at 4441 W Dublin Granville Rd in Dublin, Ohio. Hours are by appointment only, but generally Tues-Thurs 11am-7pm; Fri-Sat 10am-5pm; closed Sun-Mon.

One thought on “A Visit to Ivy Bridal Studio

  1. Absolutely exquisite. Looking at these dresses makes me wish I had a wedding to plan. The location sounds about where the old ‘ Cia’s Bridal’ shop was where I bought my beautiful ( first) wedding dress back in 1991.

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