For Him and Her Gift Guides

{by alexis} Somehow, Thanksgiving is behind us already, and before us we have the glorious gift-giving holidays, characterized by a frenzied shopping season and long list of those you have to buy for. Here at Wander & Whine, we are great fans of shopping all year round. In fact, I legitimately consider shopping to be one of my most beloved hobbies. So let me help you! What follows is a fool-proof gift guide. First, we have a guide for him.

for him gift guide | wander & whineSee, there’s plenty to choose from!

one. I’m not suggesting you try to buy Schmidt’s the building, but grab a logo tee or a package of sausages and he’ll love you forever.

two. Homage never fails. He wants to go to football games and you want him to not look like he just picked himself up off the floor of the frat house. If he insists that that old shirt with the holes and the mysterious yellow stain is lucky, assure him that this new one will be lucky after a few short games, too. I mean, he trusts his team, right?

three. Booze is always welcome in most places. Try some old scotch, or a new favorite like our own locally distilled Watershed or Oyo. Throw a bow around the neck, and done!

four. Again with the sports. Autographed memorabilia isn’t cheap, but you have so many options. Be sure to find one with a hologram or certificate of authenticity.

five. All of the men in my life love to grill, so you can’t go wrong with a gift set of precisely mixed spice rubs. Check out Etsy if you want something special.

six. Smart watches are perfect for gadget-y guys. This new one from Asus is getting great reviews, and I’ll bet money that the James Bond vibe he gets from this will have him grinning from ear to ear.

seven. Oh, look, we’re drinking again. Buy him fancy cocktail glasses for his new bottle of whiskey, so he can look out the window and pretend he’s Don Draper.

eight. Touch gloves may be unoriginal but I promise he’ll use them. I can’t be the only one who can’t find both gloves after stashing them away for the summer.

nine. Cashmere is another classic gift. He’ll most likely never buy this for himself, but he’ll love wearing it. This is kind of like Mammy’s red petticoat.

ten. Merge his two favorite things, college sports and Star Wars in this t-shirt.

for her gift guide | wander & whineShe’s a tad easier because, well, I’m a she!

one. In my head, I throw a million fancy parties and need to have a million ice buckets for a million bottles of champagne. Help a sister out.

two. Bangles from here to eternity! They go with everything. Buy a few sets for mixing and matching.

three. Why have we only now started putting faux fur on everything? Every year I ask for a giant furry blanket because they are the most wonderful thing to curl up with. Bonus points for a machine washable version.

four. Maybe she’ll want to be more organized if she has pretty things with which to work! Enter this adorable jewelry box.

five. If she’s more of a scatter-everything-everywhere type woman (I can relate), perhaps a tray is the better choice. This will catch jewelry, mail, hand lotion — possibilities are endless!

six. You guys, I’m here to tell you that slippers AREN’T BORING. Cold feet are the WORST side effect of winter, and a nice pair will keep your tootsies toasty.

seven. Though we associate wellies with rain, these warm socks outfit them for snow, too.

eight. Paper Source is the bomb. These wall calendars showcase some of the most original, whimsical patterns and posters I’ve seen. And points for functionality!

nine. If she’s a minimalist, don’t mess up her groove. Grab some geometric post earrings to add a little edge to her look.

ten. Seriously, buy her an infinity scarf. YOU CANNOT HAVE TOO MANY SCARVES. The fur versions are the most attractive to me at the moment, but you can’t go wrong with a cable knit either. The chunkier the better.

eleven. Behold, the blardigan. This magnificent piece combines a blanket and a comfy wrap sweater. I own this in the merlot color and I swear I wear it every day. Clothiers, please continue to make clothing that doubles as bedding. I’ll buy it all.

And there you have it! Hopefully, this will get those gears grinding and you can find something for everyone on your list. Check out some other gift guides from us, too, in case you need more ideas.

I can’t let you go without reminding you to ALWAYS google for a coupon code before you purchase. There’s no reason to pay full price, ever!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give or receive?


6 thoughts on “For Him and Her Gift Guides

  1. I so agree with you regarding scarves. I am a bit of an addict. I gave away a lot of mine when we were packing our possessions to ship across the Atlantic which means I am now justified in rebuilding my collection. I don’t have a cable knit one so you may have just inspired my next scarf mission. You have also added a new word to my vocabulary: blardigan. I need one in my life. Again, I am having to rebuild my wardrobe from bare minimum so I need to keep an eye out for cosy cardigans. I am doing an online art course as my Christmas gift so I will just have to find a way to treat myself to these other things when resources allow.


  2. I love those bangles! Good choices, Miss A. I managed to get a lot of my shopping done last weekend, and I am relieved to have it out of the way :). I definitely spend every dime I’d budgeted, but I guess that’s the benefit of shoving money in a Christmas savings account all year. Don’t have to feel too guilty about spending it . . .


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