What to Bring Your Thanksgiving Hosts

{by alexis} This week is Thanksgiving! Is everyone as excited as I am? I’m sure that depends on whether you’re the guest or the host. If you’re the latter, you can go: I HAVE NO WORDS OF WISDOM. But! If you’re a guest, let me remind you that you cannot show up empty-handed! Forgot about that, didn’t you? I’m here to save the day! What follows is a list of gifts you can bring for your brave hosts, items that will guarantee you a seat closest to the stuffing (because it’s the best part).

I’m actually headed North to Michigan to break bread with my family. (I don’t care WHAT week it is guys: Our blog always includes the FULL ALPHABET.) Since I’m always yelling about how fabulous Columbus is, I welcome these trips home to expose my favorite Michiganders to all that is delicious about Ohio.

I would not be welcome in the house without a wrapped package of Bahama Mamas from Schmidt’s. We’ve been known to cook this up on Thanksgiving itself, and serve them alongside that gargantuan turkey. A little spice goes a long way!

schmidt's sausage haus | columbus, oh

You can always go a more traditional route. This year, Columbus Monthly published a great piece on where to get pies in the city, complete with order-by dates WHICH I WILLFULLY IGNORED. Take pity on me, Just Pies? The photography on their piece will prove you can’t go wrong with any of the local pie people.

If pie isn’t your bag (we need to identify a Thanksgiving Day Cake immediately), feel free to up the fancy factor and pick up a treat from Pistacia Vera. Today at noon is the last time they’re accepting orders for Turkey Day, so I’ll forgive you if you stop reading to make that important call. GO FORTH.

pistacia vera | columbus, oh

Prefer to drink your dessert? Can we best friends? Pick up a bottle of festive Apple Pie Mead from Brother’s Drake. It’s sure to warm the cockles of your heart and set those shimmery lights aglow.

If your host insists you musn’t bring a thing, and has talked your ear off for weeks about their perfectly crafted menu, don’t mess with their plans! Grab a beautifully wrapped box of chocolate from Winan’s to set out with coffee, and don’t be surprised if your host tucks them away to enjoy alone while recovering from the madness that is Thanksgiving.

winan's chocolates | columbus, oh

credit: Winan’s website

Don’t forget the adorably decorated sugar cookies from Cheryl’s too! Individually wrapped, there’s no pressure to eat them all at one time! (But it’s always an OPTION.)

chery'ls cookies | columbus, oh

credit: Cheryl’s Cookies

My mom and I will be doing a bit of early Christmas prep, so I couldn’t come home without several rolls of the loveliest paper on earth from Paper Source. We get positively giddy about the selection here, and it’s sure to make your gifts stand out under the tree. Below is my current favorite!

paper source gift wrap

credit: Paper Source

And last, but certainly not least, I’ll be sure not to forget Indiana Bones! He’s pretty good entertainment and he’s a great garbage disposal in a pinch!

indiana bones

he’s giving me side-eye

I wish you all safe travels over the river and through the wood! Happy Thanksgiving from Wander & Whine!


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