NYC Food Diary

{by: alicia} If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I did my fair share of eating on my recent jaunt to NYC. For those of you who missed out, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Since my time was limited, I was on a mission to have some favorites that I can’t eat otherwise. Namely, Shake Shack:

Shake Shack

Santa, if you can hear me, I’d love a location in Columbus for Christmas. Having to go through life without these concretes, cheese fries, and burgers with ShackSauce is a cruel existence.

Also, what’s up with the lack of Korean fried chicken in my neck of the woods? There is nothing more bomb than chimek, and Bon Chon knows how to do it properly. Everything is double fried, crispy, and that spicy sauce is to die. Washed down with some Hite…omg, I could live off this.

Bon Chon Chicken

Just kidding, Santa. I need a Bon Chon for Christmas as well.

I was also on a mission to have my fill of dessert. Some of these treats are worth the plane ride alone. Like the banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. Screw the cupcakes, guys. You don’t want to miss this. I didn’t even think I liked banana pudding. That is, until I consumed this fluffy, whipped dream.

Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery

Wahhhh! I miss you!

We also stood in the world’s longest line for a crack at some goodies from Momofuku Milk Bar (worth it). Even typing the name brings a wistful tear to my eye. The fact I can’t eat their cereal milk soft serve on any given day makes me want to SOB. And the birthday cake truffles. UGH, THE TRUFFLES. Do yourself a solid and order some for Christmas.

Cereal Milk Soft Serve from Momofuku Milk Bar

Omgggg, the cereal milk soft serve lives up to the hype.

Unpictured are the goodies I got from Sprinkles, but here’s a shot of some Baked By Melissa. These bite-sized cupcakes are all the rage, but I am strangely unimpressed. Maybe they were too small for my taste.

I mean, these were good, but...

I mean, these were good, but…

There were also some delicious surprises I encountered. After the disastrous news that the wait at Clinton Street Bakery was two hours, we went across the street to Ariel’s for what turned out to be a tasty breakfast.

Breakfast at Ariel's

I also missed out on the honey toast from Caffebene, but their strawberry cream waffle was an excellent consolation prize:

Waffle from Caffebene

And we stumbled upon this casual spot on the Upper East Side devoted to churros (called Le Churro, natch). Churros are underrated, I say. Would it be greedy to add a Le Churro to my Christmas list on top of everything else? I didn’t think so either.

Le Churro

You can pick your dipping sauce–I went with hazelnut chocolate.

To me, a huge part of travel involves the food. This also applies to souvenirs.

Foodie souvenir

My spoils from Milk Bar and Korea Town.

Who needs another shot glass or some kitschy thing they’ll never use? Not me. The only problem is my stash was gone 48 hours after I returned home. Whoops, but that’s what Expedia is for, right? On to the next, I say. I’m not sure where/when that will be, but you can be certain I’ll be eating everything in sight.


3 thoughts on “NYC Food Diary

  1. I need to make note of all of these eateries as I’m going to NYC in the spring to meet up with two of my best friends who are flying over from Scotland. It’s like you’ve done my eating research for me.

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