Guest Posting at Live Columbus Part Deux

{by alexis}–Alicia had so much fun a few weeks ago taking over the Live ColumbusInstagram, she insisted I give it a go. And so, last Thursday, I swapped my credentials for a new set and signed in to document my day. What follows is a quick recap, along with a few outtakes at the end!

We started the day with a walk in German Village. It’s gotten so cold, so quickly, don’t you think? I had to break out my serious winter coat far earlier than expected. Indy, on the other hand, doesn’t so much mind when the temperature dips. Must be that whole fur coat thing.

wander & whine | German Village

One of the perks of living in GV is the atmosphere. These bricks and lights and trees, oh my! Another perk? Pistacia Vera.

wander & whine | Pistacia Vera

I’ve lived here for over two years, and I STILL haven’t tried everything. This morning I treated myself to an almond croissant the size of a newborn, and a latte. If you like almond, go quickly here. It was the bomb.

Later on, I took some time to walk around Ohio State’s campus. Autumn is in full swing out here on the oval, and there was no shortage of beautiful photo opportunities.

wander & whine | ohio state university

Just on the other side of the oval, where you’ll find the Wexner Center for the Arts. I’ve got a date to visit the Transfigurations exhibit next week, but last week I only had time for lunch. Fortunately, you’ll find the singular Heirloom Cafe inside. Their menu has a seasonal focus and they’re committed to local sourcing. Also, their food is BEYOND delicious. I ordered the green chili bowl, with tender roasted chicken and tangy green chilis and enjoyed every hearty bite. My lunch dessert was that frothy pumpkin spice latte on the side.

wander & whine | heritage cafe

In the evening, Alicia and I met up at the Trader’s Haven Sip & Style event. The designers behind this showroom and interior design business served us cocktails, let us wander around, gawking at their wares, and even gave us a little how-to on how to set a festive holiday table. We’ll share more from the event soon!

wander & whine | trader's haven

After a few more errands together, we called it a night. I was happy to get home to my embarrassing stack of library books, and this face.

wander & whine

I had such fun with the Instagram takeover, and I’m so excited they gave me a shot!

Check out some outtakes below, featuring — who else? — Indiana Bones. Follow me on Instagram (@alexishattie) to keep up with me on the regular!

wander & whine | german village

can you spy our kitty friend?

wander & whine | german village

he’s not always the most cooperative model


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