Alexis Goes to Washington

{by alexis}–It hasn’t been long since my last trip to DC, but this past weekend, we went back to celebrate the marriage of one of my dearest friends. Yes, it was a busy few days, with rehearsal dinners, too-tight heels, and about a million champagne toasts, but we did have enough time to do a bit of sight-seeing. In case you missed my jam-packed Instagram, I thought I’d share a few — okay, more than a few — of my favorite snaps from the memorable weekend.

We landed on Thursday, and, while we waited for our room at the Mayflower Renaissance, we did a bit of wandering.

washington dc washington dc washington dcAnd it took a little doing, but we did finally find that big White House.

the white houseAfter a margarita-fueled rehearsal dinner, we rested up for the main event the next day. And check out the bridal bouquet that B carried down the aisle, from Uncloudy Studio!

bridal bouquet from Uncloudy Studio in DCYou know I’m a sucker for flowers, and these are TO DIE FOR. The textures are so varied and complex, I had to force myself to keep from snatching it from her perfectly manicured hands. Fortunately, I did get to carry my own miniature version. Here we are at the head table for dinner.

1107142001g_edited-1Turns out, we clean up pretty nice, but we’ve got nothing on the bride and groom.

1107142019a_edited-1I confess to shamelessly clinking my glass to stage this picture. Sorry, B!

The next day I woke up unpredictably fresh and chipper, so we started the day’s tour at the Library of Congress.

the library of congressWe wandered down past the Capitol. The scaffolding on the dome really brought down my pics, so I’ll leave it to google to prove to you how pretty the building is. Eventually, we found our way to the Botanic Gardens, and look at this treasure inside!

the botanical gardenThe view outside wasn’t too shabby either.

1108141411b_edited-1We made our way into the Air & Space Museum just a bit down the road.

smithsonian air and space museum

We even managed to track down the Saturn V. My grandpa worked on the development of the booster, so we were pretty moved to stand before it, especially given the size of the thing.

Saturn V at the Air and Space MuseumLater, we caught the game at a sports bar near the hotel, and I even got to catch up with the fabulous Sofia, behind one of our favorite blogs, Caviar & Quarters. She’ll whip you into prime financial shape!

It was a busy weekend, but we got to see a lot of beautiful things, even during our short visit. Weddings are such fun on their own, but add in a setting like this and they really shine. And really, what’s better than watching one of your closest friends say “I do”? I can’t think of a better reason to drink a few bottles of champagne.


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