Helloween at Double Comfort

{by alexis}–I know Halloween is over, but let’s go back a bit. On October 24 and 25, Double Comfort Restaurant hosted Helloween — a five course dinner, each course featuring a dish spicier than the one that came before it. Spicy, they said. Take some pepto bismol, they told me. Well, folks, I’m here to say that MY MOUTH IS STILL ON FIRE.

My husband and a few brave family members crowded around a table in the restaurant Friday night after work. We started with Terrifying Russian Roulette Meatballs. One skewered meatball on the plate was filled with a disturbing amount of pequin chili peppers. I avoided that meatball, fortunately, and lived to see another round.

helloween at double comfortNext came the Double Comfort Hell Cakes, which are really corn cakes with jalepeños and habeñero cole slaw. This was THE BOMB. Not the spicy bomb, just the bomb. So good. I would order these up all the days of my life, if I had a chance.

helloween at double comfortNext came the round I was dreading: the Taunting Wings of Mass Destruction. Wings are hard for me in general (how am I supposed to get all this meat off this bone?).

helloween at double comfortBy the end, I was wearing most of the sauce and the heat had spread from my mouth and lips to my CHEEKS. That is a weird sensation, flaming skin.


And now we move on to the Scarrrr-y Trinidad Ghost Chili & Habenero Mac & Cheese. This was a sleeper spicy. I got a few mouthfuls into this dish and I was like, no big deal. I could eat this all day, yo. And then my face melted off and my esophagus tried to self-destruct. THIS WAS SORCERY. My beer did little to quell the flames and I BARELY made it through this round, but conquer the mac and cheese I did.

helloween at double comfortThis brings us to the final flaming course: The Fire-Breathing Etouffee. This arrived and I was like, what soup? Queue up another bowl! And I saw the rice and I’m all, it has built-in extinguishing properties! But then I ate a spoonful. And then I ate another, and it was honestly like my gums were trying to flee my mouth. The burn was total and complete, and I was done. That was it. I had to tap out. I sat back in my chair, watched them whisk away the bowl of death, and welcomed a creamsicle. Who knew that creamsicles were instant relief?

helloween at double comfortFinally, we were served a chocolate cayenne ice cream. I was a big fan of the cookie shell it was served in, and, even though I didn’t earn it, Joe let me share his. Because of COURSE he finished. OF COURSE, the man with the steel belly passed with flying colors. Maybe he’ll let me share his tshirt, too!

double comfortDouble Comfort is located at 505 N High Street. T-Th, 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-9pm; Fri, 11am-11pm; Sat, 9am-11pm; Sun, 9am-2pm.

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