Me in NYC, Circa 2012. IT’S BEEN TOO LONG.

{by: alicia} I think when most people are about to go on a business trip, their to-do list looks a lot like this:

{Normal person’s list}
-Bring business cards
-Confirm hotel reservations/flights
-Pack laptop/phone/chargers
-Grab marketing materials for conference
-And so on and so forth

Then you have my list (my fellow foodies will understand):

{An excerpt from my actual NYC planning list}
-Shake Shack
-Momofuku Milk Bar
-Popbar (I don’t care if it’s cold outside)
-This list goes on for like 10 more pages

Priorities, people.

Though there will most certainly be work during this trip, I’ve scheduled time for play (code word for eating). My sister’s on the East Coast now, so she’ll be joining me for some gallivanting this weekend. Feel free to stalk my Instagram if you’re in the mood to vicariously eat what I eat! I’ll be back with a recap next week.

I know Alexis is a teeny bit jealous of my upcoming New York wanderings, but she’ll be taking a trip of her own this weekend to Washington DC. I’m sure her Instagram will also be hopping, in case you’d like to tag along with both parts of our dynamic duo.


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