Bachelorettes Do the Bluejack Brewery in DC

{by alexis}–A few weekends ago, I spent the weekend in Washington DC for a bachelorette party. One of my oldest and loveliest girlfriends is getting married in two short weeks, and so we gathered in her favorite city to drink her favorite drinks before we dress her up in white and push her down the aisle. After a busy Friday night of pub golf, we drenched ourselves in coffee and rolled up to the Bluejacket Brewery in the Waterfront district for a little hair o’ the dog.

First of all, let me tell you this place is GORGEOUS. Its walls are huge, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which let the light from the unbelievably beautiful day spill in from every angle.

bluejacket brewery dc bluejacket brewery dc bluejacket brewery dcThe space is wonderful. You feel like you’re outside while enjoying a cool beverage in temperature-controlled room with nine hundred foot ceilings. A few of us got a drink before the tour started, including a sample of the sour cherry beer. It was VERY different than anything I’ve had before, and tasty, though I’m not sure I’d love a huge glass of it.

1018141331_edited-1Afterward, we gathered up our party and ran upstairs to meet Ann, the fabulous general manager of the brewery, who delivered one of the best boozey tours I’ve ever been on — WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING.

bluejacket brewery dc bluejacket brewery dcFor the next hour, we wandered around the various floors, between the stainless steel jugs, and in and out of walk-in refrigerators, all while sampling their specialties and learning all about the brewing process. I’m pretty sure fun was had by all.

bluejacket brewery bluejacket brewery dc 1018141436_edited-1 bluejacket brewery dc bluejacket brewery dcWe had about six healthy samples, and by the end of it all, I was far wiser about all the hard work that goes into delicious beer.

After another drink and snack, we hopped into racing Ubers and made our way back to the hotel for one last night on the town. I can’t wait to see this one get married in a few weeks, and I’ll be sure to share a few pictures of the event (with the bride’s blessing, of course!).

It won’t be long till I’m back, DC. I hope you’re even half as pretty as you were that weekend in October.

washington dcBluejacket Brewery is located at 300 Tingey Street SE, Washington DC, 20003. Contact them directly for information on tours.


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