Hiking at Hocking Hills

{by: alicia} I’m not the most athletic person, but even I feel compelled every now and again to get some sort of exercise. I’m a big baby, so I prefer something low impact like yoga…or napping. Hiking is perfect because it can be as intense as you want to be (or not). This is why I found myself at Old Man’s Cave one recent Sunday. Not only was it a perfect fall activity, but the trails were just challenging enough to make things interesting.

Old Man's Cave -- Hocking Hills

Old Man’s Cave is aptly named because an actual man shacked up there in the 19th century. He was a hermit named Richard Rowe, and by some accounts he was buried somewhere nearby in an unmarked grave. Some interesting local lore, but there’s a lot of history that surrounds this area.

Since the cave is the most popular draw, we tromped down the main path and went along the trees to reach it, stopping to take many photos along the way.

Old Man's Cave -- Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills

Old Man’s Cave

Like most things, it was difficult to really capture the expanse of the cave and the enormity of it all. I tried my best, but it’s truly something you have to see in real life. Once you get past the cave, there are two paths you can pick from. Upper Falls and Lower falls.

Hocking Hills

I THINK this was Upper Falls.

We went to Upper Falls first, and on the way back towards Lower Falls we found a trail that went up into the hills towards Cedar Falls. We got pretty high up there, so I avoided the cliffs, while Thom lived on the edge (literally) to take some photos.

Hocking Hills

See, I like to take my photos AWAY from said cliffs.

It was maybe three miles to Cedar Falls (spoiler: I got turned around at one point and we went back after two miles), but we spent most of our time taking a gazillion snaps.

Hocking Hills

This tree was adorable.

Hocking Hills Hocking Hills

We made it all the way to the river before we headed back from whence we came. I was getting a bit fatigued at this point and needed all the snacks to refuel.

My hiking fuel of choice. The savory Kind bars are delish.

My hiking fuel of choice. The savory Kind bars are delish.

Once we connected to the main artery, we took the trail down to Lower Falls before calling it a day. At this point, my legs felt like rubber, but I was revived by all of the beauty around me.

Hocking Hills

Lower Falls

Next time, I hope to make it out to Ash Cave and Rock House, but there are closer trails on my list, so we’ll see. Keep your eye on this space.

Hocking Hills

If you would like to plan your own trip, check out this travel guide for trail maps and tips. Hocking Hills State Park is located on State Route 664 (follow the signs down through Logan) and closes at dark. We did not stay overnight, but  information on cabins and other accommodations can be found here.


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