Columbus Italian Festival

{by: alicia} It’s been a year of firsts for me, as far as the festival circuit goes. This past summer I made it out to Festival Latino, and now I’ve managed to scratch the Italian Festival off my list. My sister had an extra ticket, and I had an idle afternoon, so we hopped in the Mini Cooper, making all sorts of “The Italian Job” jokes along the way. Typical behavior.

The priority was food (when isn’t it, though). Becker was on a mission to eat pasta and cannoli. DONE AND DONE.

Pasta from The Berwick

The pasta was from The Berwick and ah-mazing. What you see above is mushroom ravioli in cream sauce and the most delicious gnocchi in vodka sauce. I don’t even like mushrooms and wanted more.

And what’s a festival without a lemonade as big as your head?

Columbus Italian Festival

And food! Moar food!


Part two of the mission was spent in a ridiculously long line, but Becker would have done anything for a cannoli at this point. Once acquired, we made our way to St. John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church to join the crowd on the stairway.


Sister was molta contenta.


Afterwards, we stepped inside the church to check it out. There was a solo performance going on, so we took a seat and hung out for a minute. I admired the ceiling so much that I had to (sacrilegiously) take a photo.


The lovely interior of St. John’s.

Sister and I whispered that the church felt familiar, and later found out it was one of our late grandfather’s favorites, so this probably wasn’t our first visit. After that adorable coincidence, we wandered the festival grounds and checked out some of the booths. There was plenty of live music, rides for the kiddos, and tons of arts and crafts vendors. Italian Job completed, we made our way back to the car to plan our next heist: eating more things.

Miss the festival this year? No worries, there’s always next time. Bookmark the organizer’s  website for details about 2015.


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