A Wander & Whine Wedding

{by alexis}–I can’t believe it’s been two years. It’s been two years since Joe and I took the plunge and said I Do. To celebrate here on the blog, I thought I’d share a little bit of our day, and shine a light on some of the most amazing wedding-related vendors in our big little town of Columbus.

I’m so psyched to see all the October love all over social media! I was an original fan, and have always known it’s the most beautiful month — and that’s why we chose to get married in it!

I know what you’re thinking — doesn’t your husband worship at the altar of Buckeye Football? How did he deal with a fall wedding? At first we aimed for the bye week, but once it was clear that every other bride-to-be in a 100-mile radius had the same idea, we settled on a Friday. October 12.

And it was glorious.

photography by Hunter Harrison

Our wedding was perfect and beautiful and more fun than I’d ever have thought. But I can’t take any credit for it. What I WILL take credit for is hand-picking a team of all-star vendors. Every single person we worked with was off-the-charts professional and exceptionally talented. This is really their story.

Let’s start with the most visible and arguably the most important: the photographer. We got real, REAL lucky, and booked Hunter Harrison, a photographer out of Cleveland. He traveled down for our wedding, and I was smitten with him from day one. At our engagement shoot, he suggested we stop for a drink to “loosen up.” Hunter, did I mention I love you? He was so important on the day of the wedding: I plagiarized his day-of schedule and distributed it to our bridal party and families as my own work. He kept us moving and on schedule. He delivered the photos quickly. Truly, Hunter was the picture of a professional (see what I did there?), and I was pretty impressed with myself for booking him. Please know that all of the photography on this post is his, and yes it’s proof you should run and book him right away.

The next most important piece of the puzzle was the venue. Joe and I hit it out of the park with our selection, for sure.

photo by Hunter Harrison

Right in the middle of downtown is the Athletic Club of Columbus. And inside, they have the best team of chefs, servers, and our unparalleled wedding coordinator Kelly Freeman. Kelly was with us from the very beginning, and all the way through the end. She guided us through everything, and when it was time for the big event, she organized everything for us: from the flower and cake drop-offs, to the set-up for the DJ and the cocktail hour pianist. We just dropped off all of our knick-knacks (you know, place cards, favors, all of the nine million tiny detail items that are impossible to keep straight), and I never thought of them again. It was all just…done. Joe and I showed up married and full of champagne, and everything was as perfect as it could possibly be. A shout out to the server who hovered around and made sure my champagne coupe was full all night.

In short, Kelly and the rest of the team at the Athletic Club are MAGICIANS, okay? And that’s who need on your team.

I have to say my favorite wedding detail was the flowers, done by the best florist in all the land, Flowers on Orchard Lane. Look at these beauties.

photography by Hunter Harrison

Look at all the cool non-flowers in there! My grandparents were florists, so this detail was really important to my mom and me. The flowers are so rich and interesting. I wanted seasonal and different, and good LORD they delivered. But this isn’t the best part. Check out the head table.

photography by hunter harrison photography by Hunter Harrison

Those hydrangeas are the stuff of dreams. During our first consultation, I sheepishly mentioned that my fantasy wedding involved a huge hydrangea runner. And guess what? they didn’t laugh! Jan fit it into the budget and seemed as enthusiastic about it as I was. And then they made it happen. These are some of my favorite pictures. I can’t believe this came true.

You’ll notice my head table is a little different than the traditional table up on risers. I hated the idea of putting my bridal party and ourselves on display, so when Kelly suggested a Tuscan table, where our bridal party and their dates could enjoy the dinner like any party, I was sold.

On those plates, you’ll see our menus. They were customized and part of our wedding invitation package, done by my friend Lynn, a ridiculously talented professional designer. She was able to design a unique suite based on a few other packages that I was drawn too, and we were especially inspired by the font that Lindey’s uses at their restaurant.

photography b Hunter Harrison

Thanks to Dan Woods for being our model here!

photography b Hunter Harrison photography b Hunter Harrison

I still want to keel over with joy looking at all these paper goods. Lynn is SUCH a talent, and I’ve happily used her work on several parties since.

Our awesome DJ was Byron from Buckeye Entertainment. He got all the details and names right, and kept the party moving and right on schedule.

Oh, and our favors! I know you know I’m from Michigan and since this was a pretty Ohio-heavy event, I wanted to bring some Michigan flavor to the proceedings. We ended up ordering a bajillion pounds of fudge from Joann’s Fudge on Mackinac Island.

photography b Hunter Harrison

And they went with the theme! I confess to ordering a smidge more than necessary, and gorging on them once I didn’t have a teeny-tiny dress to fit into. They were so easy to work with, and I think our guests enjoyed it, too!

Speaking of all things chocolate, I know you’re curious about our cake! We ordered from Short North Piece of Cake. One of the perks of wedding planning is samples from all of the best bakeries in the area. Their cake was the bomb, and they were even willing to accommodate my crazy request for gold buttercream.

photography by Hunter Harrison

And there are those beautiful flowers again, too! We had Flowers on Orchard Lane use fresh dahlias as cake toppers. I’ll tell you this cake was even delicious a year later. We spent our first anniversary roaming around Italy, and when we were home and exhausted, we dug into that top tier. Still good!

I should talk a touch more about my dress. Dress shopping was my absolute favorite part of wedding planning — wedding dresses are works of art. They are so thoughtfully and well constructed, they make everyone look beautiful. I had a hard time choosing, but when I did, I ordered a Tara Keely from Girls in White Dresses. I picked up the belt from Etsy.

photography b Hunter Harrison

It was a perfect day. The fact that we were disaster-less had everything to do with the people I worked with. Every one of them delivered something beyond my expectations, and I was free to enjoy the evening with my newly-minted husband.

So, happy anniversary to my darling husband! We’re celebrating this year with a slightly less exotic trip to Kentucky, to toast each other with glasses full of bourbon. The past two years have flown, but I love taking this a moment to remember the day we committed ourselves to one another, and all the people that contributed to making it as picture-perfect as it was. That said, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite photos from Hunter.

photography by Hunter Harrison

A pre-wedding toast at Tip Top!

photography by Hunter Harrison photography by Hunter Harrison photography by Hunter Harrison

Oh, and if your tastes are slightly less domestic, be sure to ask Alicia about her Costa Rican beach wedding!


7 thoughts on “A Wander & Whine Wedding

  1. Happy anniversary, Alexis & Joe! That was such a fun day, and your wedding was SO beautiful. Just lovely in every way. I’m glad to be a part of it, even if I did almost ruin it by having the wrong color of dress ;).

    It’s our anniversary this weekend, too (on the SAME DAY–do you hate us, or what?). October is just the best month.


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