Oktoberfest Columbus

{by alexis}–Okay, if I have to embrace this season change thing, I’m going to go full swing into the most wonderful of all fall festivals — Oktoberfest. And so, last Friday, Joe and I grabbed giant steins, and met up with some family on the fairgrounds. But we did not go gentle into that good night, summer. Not even close.

Actually, this is my first time at an Oktoberfest! I’m not sure why: Autumn is the most beautiful of seasons, and beer is the most divine of beverages, so I can’t guess what took me so long. But this relationship is escalating quickly: Just two weeks ago Joe and I booked a hotel room in Munich for Oktoberfest 2015. YES. THE REAL DEAL.

You think I’m crazy, right? Booking a hotel room 12 months out? I mean, you can’t even see flight schedules more than six months out. Well, I’m not crazy: I am WELL-RESEARCHED. The hotel rooms in Munich go quickly and for way more money than they’re worth during the festival of all festivals, so of course we found a refundable-rate and booked.

So, naturally, I had to practice!

oktoberfestThis was obviously our first stop. We were right at home with these Schmidt’s mega-beers.

Once we ran out of toasts, I had a chance to look around. The grounds were lovely, and festive.

0926142023e(1)_edited-1 0926142021a_edited-1 And it was PACKED. There were people from one end to the next, with ticket and beer lines wrapping in and out of the tents.

Even with all that chaos, everyone seemed to be in a great mood! We met lots of new folks and became best friends forever with a bachelor party from California. Yes! They had flown all the way out from LA for THIS Oktoberfest! And what pleasant gentlemen they were!

Later, we walked through the marketplace, checking out all the wares, German or otherwise. I even ran into the folks from CollarDoos! Sadly, they had to leave Scooby at home, but I must say, I was quite taken with the buckeye bowties they had at their table.

Obviously, by now it was time for eating, and my sister-in-law and I took a good hard look at the pastries. Check out these delights from Juergens Bakery from — where else? — German Village!

0926142056a_edited-1 0926142056_edited-1Somehow I avoided their siren song and stuck with a GIANT helping of sauerkraut, which I could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My mouth is literally watering while I type.

And then it was time to wait in that long line again.

0926142117b_edited-1Joe played photographer while I fell in love.

0926142126a_edited-1Is this happiness or what?

We wandered over to the band (of which no decent pictures exist), and proceeded to dance. Dancing, for me, is a series of enthusiastic, sometimes-rhythmic hopping. I look ridiculous but I have a great time; I think my friends had a great time laughing at me, too!

It was the most fun I’ve had in a long while. Sadly, you’ve missed Oktoberfest this year if you didn’t make it out last weekend, but if you’re ready to do the real deal, you’re welcome to join me in Munich. Oktoberfest 2015, here we come!



5 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Columbus

  1. This looks right up your alley, Alexis. Sounds like good practice for next October . . . but you should keep practicing all that drinking until then so you’ll be in Oktoberfest Olympic shape. Perhaps in NOLA in January, even ;).


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