Weekend Whimsy

{by: alicia} Monday already? Come on, now! I know it’s cliche to harp on about how Mondays are the worst, but they really are. It’s especially bad when you had a nice, relaxing weekend full of random side adventures like playing Alice in Wonderland at the Topiary Park.Topiary Park ColumbusI didn’t even know the place existed until a year ago when I came across a photo on Instagram. I had been meaning to go all summer, but you know how that goes. Since our nice days are numbered, I dragged Sister along to take advantage of yesterday’s sunshine.

Topiary Park Columbus

Topiary Park Columbus

Topiary Park Columbus

She wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, and I quote, “These are creepy.”


Hmm, she might be on to something.

Topiary Park Columbus


Creepy or not, these topiaries were pretty cool. Anyone who can turn a hedge into a work of art gets a thumbs up in my book (oh hai, Edward Scissorhands). And despite her initial reluctance, Sister quickly warmed up. Next thing I knew, she was frolicking and prancing about the so-called creeps.

Topiary Park Columbus

The madnesss taking hold.

I poke fun, but even I couldn’t help but get into the act.


Oh hey.

After taking a billion pictures, the hunger pangs couldn’t be ignored, so we said goodbye to our statuesque friends and drove a few minutes to our lunch destination:

Hot Chicken Takeover Columbus

I have been dying to try Hot Chicken Takeover since they sprung onto the food scene a few months ago. Sister and I had an amazing meal at Hattie B.’s when we went to Nashville, so we wanted to relive the experience.

Hot Chicken Takeover Columbus

So far, so good.

In essence, the experience was relived from the minute we walked up, because the line wrapped around the building! We took this in stride, though. It was such a beautiful day, and since we were waiting on Alexis to join us, we could afford to be patient. If we learned anything in Nashville, it’s that it’s worth waiting in line for hot chicken. And It really wasn’t that bad, maybe 25-30 minutes, and my W&W counterpart strolled up just in time to order with us.

If you’ve never been to HCT, you may be surprised to hear they are only open during the weekend from noon until four (or until they sell out). Orders are placed at a window, and while you’re waiting for your name to be called, you can help yourself to the complimentary sweet tea and water. This is also a good time to stake a place at the picnic tables, or you can take it as carryout. You do you.

Hot Chicken Takeover ColumbusWe chose to stick around, and in not too long, we were seated and presented with containers of spicy deliciousness. All of us ordered Hot, which is the second spiciest option. If you can take the burning, you will want to order Holy. If you don’t like spice (let’s not be silly), there’s an option with none of the cayenne pepper (Cold), but let’s not talk CRAZY. Don’t worry about us–Becker, Alexis, and I did a stellar job at demolishing our food.

Hot Chicken Takeover Columbus

How did it compare to Nashville? Well, pretty damn good. The chicken was spicy in that delightful face-burning way, and I daresay I preferred their mac ‘n cheese over what we had at Hattie B’s. The coleslaw scored bonus points for not being mayo based (I hate the stuff). Instead, the dressing was a sweet, cooling vinegar which made this a perfect foil to offset the spice.

See, how can I not be expected to live for the weekend when I can’t even eat this stuff during the week?

The Topiary Park is located at 480 E Town Street. (Columbus 43215) and open daily from sunrise until sunset. There are ample parking meters along the street.

Hot Chicken Takeover is located at 1117 Oak Street. Hours are noon-4pm on the weekend. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to acquire a mobile kitchen, so be a pal and donate a buck or two!


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