End of Summer Recap

Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach/I feel it in the air/the summer’s out of reach/Empty lake, empty streets/The sun goes down alone/I’m driving by your house/Though I know you’re not home.

{by: alicia} I’m not at all dramatic; Don Henley is. Ugh, I’m not ready for the summer to end. Didn’t it just begin? I haven’t even finished my Summer Checklist yet! As Alexis mentioned yesterday, how is it already September? Are we the only ones who are panicking here? Though I’m not ready for Old Man Winter to make his unwelcome return, I can at least take comfort in knowing it’s been a great three months. I spent most of it in Columbus:

Columbus, Ohio

But I did make some trips out of town (as you may recall here and here).

Road trip

Don’t be deceived by the loveliness. We were in stopped traffic on the freeway FOREVER and I wanted to Hulk smash everything.

Since I previously talked about my summer vacation in great length, I’ll spare you the details and touch on the road trip in general. It was long. The longest I have ever been stuck in a car (11 hours–I know, some of you are scoffing). To make it easier on me, I required multiple pitstops. Exhibit A:

Cookout Menu


We encountered Cookout in the Carolinas, and I was SOLD by the sheer amount of milkshake flavors. Also, chicken nuggets, wraps, and quesadillas were considered a side dish! #America! This was junk food at it’s finest (and my Oreo mint shake was ah-mazing).

Cookout tray

There was also a major life shift this summer when I quit my job to work at a startup (so far, so good!). I coped with this transition by attending a lot of celebratory dinners.

Korean food

Sister made me a Korean feast complete with soju.

I’ve eaten pretty well these past few months (must bulk up for hibernation, right? CRY). Behold, a photo essay:

Bibimbap from Mr. Sushi

Bibimbap from Mr. Sushi

Chocolate and wine

Wine and chocolate with friends.

Bingsoo from the Tea Zone.

Bingsoo from the Tea Zone.

Rishi sushi

Lovely sushi from Rishi.

Tehku Bubble Tea

Coconut bubble tea from Tehku. SO GOOD.

I guess I did other things besides eat, work, and make the occasional trip out of town. I also went to a handful of concerts (see: Mr. Jones and Me). One night, Alexis and I gathered the troops and spent an evening with the Columbus Symphony and Ben Folds. It was excellent.

Ben Folds with the Columbus Symphony

Hmm, I suppose I did make a sizable dent in my to-do list. I haven’t really thought ahead to autumn (denial and all), but I’m sure it will involve buying a lot of sweaters, candles, and consuming cider/pumpkin treats. Ugh, when I put it that way I’m almost looking forward to it.


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