Nine Innings with the Clippers at Huntington Park

{by alexis}–I can’t believe it’s September already. Sadly, that means summer is almost over. Alarming, but true. But it’s not too late to enjoy the weather, and do those most summer-y of activities! It was in this mindset that husband and I slipped on our sneakers, T-shirts, and ball caps and headed to Huntington Park to see the Columbus Clippers take on their latest opponent.

I love baseball games. There is something so simple and comforting about the dusty, leather gloves, the crack of the bat, and the over-priced plastic cups of beer, so full you can’t leave the counter before taking a healthy sip. Evening games are particularly lovely, thanks to the light from a summer sunset.

And these seats. You really can’t beat these seats.

huntington park

Instagram is a great constant reminder of how beautiful our city is (you can follow me @alexishattie), but this vantage point was like living the dream.

We happened to go on wing night, and though I’d pretty much never order wings off the menu (please don’t revoke my membership card to the dive bar appreciation club!), the batch we had from Rooster’s was salty, the sauce tangy, and they had enough heat to give us an excuse to happily reach for our beers.

I guess it’s tradition that makes baseball games such fun. The seventh-inning stretch, the familiar songs, and the games between innings are all like catching up with an old friend. I find myself cheering way too loud for the relay races and the mascots alike

huntington park

My baseball buddy was into this race as well, and while he was busy hooting and hollering, I took a moment to admire our footwear.


My shoes are cute, but they don’t hold a candle to his velcro-y Spiderman kicks. (I feel obligated to share with you that these are my favorite walking shoes of all time. This version of Clark’s women’s Wallabees are difficult to find, but they got me through Ireland and Italy last year, and they can’t be beat. In my opinion, they’re not hideous either.)

Meanwhile, the night just kept getting lovelier.

IMG_20140902_183230 IMG_20140902_183529

We watched the rest of the game cheering in all the right places and ducking from foul balls. We shared a giant bucket of popcorn and maybe even a few more beers before heading home into the dark. Yes, summer is sadly ending, but in a few months, it will roll around again. Of course, you’ll enjoy baseball through October, but even when that ends, I promise: it’s not long till opening day.



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