Blogger Brunch at The Explorer’s Club

{by alicia}–It’s been an interesting summer for us at Wander & Whine. Alexis has been on the prowl for her first house, started a new job, and I’ve left seven years in educational publishing to do the same. My new gig involves marketing at a local mobile app startup, and it’s awesome. Not only do I get to promote a product that I am excited about, but I get to connect with bloggers–something I’ve always enjoyed doing here.

This past weekend, we kicked off our beta phase with a blogger brunch at The Explorer’s Club. It was different being on the other side of a blogger meetup (usually, I’m just an attendee), so I had a lot of fun with the planning. Picking the venue was a no brainer.

Bike rack at Explorer's Club, Columbus Ohio

I’ve always been a fan of Explorer’s Club. Their mission to introduce diners to new flavors and its unique menu offerings (like mofongo! What the what!) have won me over again and again. So when my co-worker Amanda (A2) exclaimed “EXPLORER’S CLUB HAS MAC ‘N CHEESE FOR BREAKFAST,” we were sold–another perk of my job is working closely with someone who is just as insane as I am.

We were working on a short timeline, so we lucked out when the restaurant was able to reserve its private room for us.

Explorer's Club, Columbus, OH

Another thing that sold us? A PATIO CAT. A2 and I are obsessed (half of our conversations involve cats and/or Chris Pratt), so when we found out the private room opened out to a patio, where said resident cat lived, we were all over it. Actually, we were all over the cat, who we accosted from the get go.

The patio cat at Explorer's Club. The patio cat at Explorer's Club. The patio cat at Explorer's Club.Unfortunately, we couldn’t play with our little friend all morning despite how cute. There were bloggers to talk to and mimosas to drink–a fair trade off, however!

Mimosa from Explorer's Club

After some introductions, mimosas, and chatting, we struggled over what to order–everything sounded SO GOOD. I am partial to Explorer’s Club’s huevos rancheros and Cuban French toast, but there were some other stunners catching my eye (mango beignets with salty caramel and whipped cream, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU). I ended up with one my usuals, but split a side order of the morning mac with someone else. I’m pretty sure 95% of us had mac ‘n cheese to some degree.

Breakfast at Explorer's Club starring morning mac and veggie burrito.While eating, A2 and I did a quick presentation about the app and what we hope to achieve with it. If you’re interested, it’s a mobile savings app that will combine all of your coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, etc. in one convenient place–I’m for anything that reduces clutter and saves me money, so I hope everyone else feels the same!

We couldn’t be happier with the way the morning went. The staff at Explorer’s Club went above and beyond to take care of us, the food was delicious, and our first event went swimmingly! I’ve also got to thank the bloggers/vloggers who were in attendance:

Front row, left to right: Morgan, Sophia and Kathy, me, Cherise, and Brittany. Back row: Jessie, Liz, Erin, Tiffany, and Lauren. Big thanks to everyone involved!

If you are interested in trying out the beta version of our app, feel free to sign up (currently only available on iPhone). Plus, the first 100 users to sign up and complete the exit survey will receive a $5 Starbucks e-gift card as our thanks. Please remember that the Shoply app is still in beta, so there will definitely be some kinks, but that is where your valuable feedback will come in! Feel free to message me with any questions!


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