Catching up at Local Cantina


Thursdays are perfect for mini-celebrations: the majority of the work week is behind you, and the weekend is almost within reach. This is why last Thursday, Wander & Whine got together with one of our closest friends (blog favorite Megan returns), and shared some Mexican deliciousness at Local Cantina in Grandview.

We came straight from work and piled into a table by the door. We immediately began poring over the beer menu, thanks to their great happy hour specials: $3 drafts and cheapo margaritas.

local cantina

Once we placed our orders, Alicia and I sidled up to the chips and salsa bar. Yes! A bar! We filled bowls with salsa (yes, one was hot and one more mild), and I dutifully counted my chips (I have to at least PRETEND to watch what I’m eating), and we dug in.

Megan tried to foil my diet plan with the following shared dish of jalepeno poppers. They were HOT (in temperature) so use caution!

 local cantinaThey were full of molten cheese, and an entire jalepeno. The more peppers, the better, in my book. Before long, our food came. Alicia went with the fajitas.

local cantina

The best thing about Mexican food is how bright and colorful the dishes wind up! The veggies look crisp and fresh, and for whatever it’s worth, Alicia didn’t do a whole lot of talking after this was served (a rarity, indeed).

Both Megan and I went for tacos. She chose the cantina fish, the avocado BLT, and another superstar that I never wrote down.

local cantina

Her favorite was the fish, which shouldn’t be surprising, given that the fish tacos are their specialty! I also got a trio of tacos.


On the far left, you’ll see the grilled fish, the middle is the veggie, and the right is the grilled chicken. I was big into both the fish and the veggie. The fish was light, and the jalepeno slaw was crunchy and tart. The veggie was also pretty great, but any taco with a filling base of guacamole is a clear winner.

It was a lovely evening of toasts, laughs, and, of course, a bit of whining. But that’s what girlfriends are for, no? I would definitely recommend Local Cantina as a casual place to throw back a few beers and linger for a while over a few bowls of salsa. Don’t forget to invite me!

Local Cantina is located at 1423b Grandview Ave. Mon-Fri, 4pm-2:30am; Sat-Sun 11am-2:30am.


2 thoughts on “Catching up at Local Cantina

  1. That food looks delicious but honestly I was sold as soon as I read $3 margaritas. I’m such a foodie that I Iove reading your blog even though I don’t live in your area. It’s a vicarious pleasure.


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