Blogger Party at the Blowdry Cafe


One of the best parts of blogging is getting to know the rest of the local community, and last weekend, Wander & Whine had the pleasure of attending a blogger party at the Blowdry Cafe, hosted by Sofia of Caviar & Quarters.

The invite was brief and to the point — brunch, bubbly, and blow-outs — and I was in. Alicia and I turned up Sunday morning ready to go. Thanks to a run-in I had with a salad dressing the night before (I advise you to double- and triple-check the bottle is closed before giving a good shake), my hair was a grease-bomb, the likes of which I had never seen.

But before I could feel too self-conscious about the state of my scalp, the owners whisked us away to picture-worthy brunch. The scones and cupcakes below are from Sassafras Bakery, and they were good.

sassafras bakery

Bloggers are funny: we hovered around the table, taking photos from different angles, but no one took a bite, not for a while! Later, when Alicia and I split a muffin half, we wished we’d started earlier. Our eyes widened in unison, and we started yelling about all the sugar we were ingesting. Delicious, donut-muffin sugar.

And there was also a toast, because, mimosas. My favorite!

mimosasAfter much toasting and making friends, they showed me to a chair and began their hard work. We decided to go for a wave that would relax throughout the day and leave me with a beachy wave the next morning. Here I am, all ready to go!

alexis wander and whinePlease pretend I look better than I do.

I got a great wash in the reclining seat, complete with two shampoos. Kristy took pity on my dressing-soaked hair and did a clarifying rinse first to get it well and truly clean. Then it was time for the blow-dry. Once that was done, I was thrilled about the smooth volume I was left with.

IMG_20140811_081825Bright, light, and swingy! And Kristy wasn’t even done with her magic yet. She started in with the curling wand, and kept my back to the mirror, so the reveal was a big surprise.


Look at all them waves! If I didn’t know myself, I would say that this girl wasn’t born with hair as straight as uncooked spaghetti. And the back!


Relaxed, and soft, just like I like it! The curls hung around all day, and even lasted till Monday morning. Alas, Monday’s rain and wind gave me another blow-out of sorts, and by the time I reached my office, my hair was about as straight as it’s ever been. I’m sure if the weather had been more cooperative, it would have lasted all through that day, too.

Would you believe I wasn’t the only girl there getting my hair did? No! Alicia too had a turn in the chair, but she opted for a braid rather than a blow-out. Here she is, getting all dolled up!

blowdry cafe

She’s got the perfect hair for this: Long, straight, and gorgeous. Let’s all take a moment to stifle our jealousy before moving on… So her braid wrapped around that cute little head and into a fishtail braid on the other side, that was wrapped up into a boho bun.

IMG_20140811_083641 IMG_20140811_083721

Isn’t that cute?! Once she unraveled the bun, she was left with the long, fishtail braid down the front.

Amidst all this fun, we got to chat with some of our old friends, and make some new ones, too! We caught up with Erin of Planning for Paris, and Mrs. Ladylike herself, and met Lauren, from Girl About Town, Meghan from Launch Business Consulting, Nijima Darwish from Born and Bread (yay food puns!), Tonya from Promoting University, Allison from the Wonder Jam, and Erin, from House of Earnest (whose blog I will be frequenting once this damn house hunt comes to a close).

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, getting pampered, sharing stories, adding a few more blogs to the reading list, and of course, enjoying those mimosas. Many thanks to Sofia for organizing, and to the Blowdry Cafe for hosting!

If you would like to check out the Blowdry Cafe yourself, make sure to mention the blog and use promo code “Blowdrycafe” for 15% all products and services.

The Blowdry Cafe is located at 4740 Reed Road. M, closed; Tues, 10am-6pm; Weds, 7am-7pm; Thurs, 10am-7pm; Fri 7am-8pm; Sat 9am-8pm; Sun, Noon-5pm.


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