Festival Latino


This past weekend, Columbus hosted its annual Festival Latino, and after living here for nearly two decades, I was finally able to attend. The festival’s roots go back to the late nineties, so it was about effing time.

Festival Latino, Columbus, OHConsidering my husband is half Costa Rican, you would think this is something he would have gone to at least once. WRONG. Since he’s been to the Asian festival with me a hundred times, I made it my business for us to go to his counterpart. We were both pretty excited–mainly because we both like to eat all the things. This is my priority whenever I go to something like this. Luckily, there was no shortage of delicious food at the festival. I mean…

Festival Latino

Oh hai, skewers of meat.

There were roasted meats as far as the eye could see. I’m talking turkey legs, chicken and pork skewers, carne asada, ceviche–it was madness.

Festival Latino

Observe the meat on a spit.

We ate our way through chicken skewers, red beans and rice, fried chicken, plaintains, and elote. It was awesome. If we didn’t have dinner plans with Thom’s parents that evening, we probably would have kept on going.

Festival LatinoCould you blame us?


That corn though.

Here’s the deal with elote. It’s roasted corn brushed with mayonnaise and rolled in cheese. I’m not even a mayonnaise fan, but this corn was insane. If anything, it tasted like buttered popcorn.

For refreshment, there was the usual tokens for booze or soda, but the biggest draw were the drinks served in a hollowed-out pineapple. Even non-drinkers could partake in some mocktails and juices.

Festival LatinoThere were also the usual booths of shirts, crafts, and jewelry, but I had my blinders on once we hit the rows of food, so sorry, not many photos of that. Well, here’s one.

Festival Latino Columbus Ohio

Along with food and wares, the festival served up live entertainment. Here’s a taste:

I’m not sure where the festival was held in the past, but I really like that it took place at Bicentennial and Genoa Park. Scioto Mile lends itself well to an event like this, especially when the weather is as perfect as it was on Saturday. If you weren’t able to make it out this year, keep an eye on the organizers’ Facebook page for future updates.


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