24 Hours in Savannah


Oh, hi. Remember me? I’m back from vacation and adjusting to the real world. It’s a difficult transition, and I thank you for your understanding during these trying times. Yes, Columbus has its charms, but I can’t help but miss this type of atmosphere:


As seen on Jones Street.

Spanish moss, you guys. Need I say more? And Savannah gets bonus points for allowing people to walk around (most parts of) the city with an open container. Believe you me, we did our fair share of tippling–when in Rome the South, right?

The Public, Savannah

I especially enjoyed the drinks at The Public Kitchen and Bar (which was conveniently located next to our hotel). My favorite concoction included strawberry puree, St. Germain, and honeysuckle vodka (I KNOW, RIGHT). Unfortunately, I can’t remember what this drink was called. I was too busy shouting at my husband about how much I loved Savannah, while sending drunken texts to my friends (sorry, friends!), to pay attention to such details.

I did, however, manage to take a picture of the bar, which I was enamored by. Talk to me about this light fixture.

The Public, SavannahI can also vouch for the food–even though I didn’t take any pictures. If you are ever in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend The Public for your eating, drinking, and people-watching needs.

We didn’t really have a plan for our limited time in Savannah. It was supposed to be a relaxing visit, so I restrained myself from overplanning. Instead, we walked all over town, popped into places that struck our fancy, and stumbled across many a park and plaza.


The fountain in Forsyth Park.

We stayed in the Historic District, which I would recommend to anyone who is planning a trip. It’s centrally located to most of the big-ticket attractions, and it was easy to walk everywhere to take a million photo ops. I was happy about this as I hate driving on vacation (something we will talk about in my next post).


The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Along with sights and spirits (puns, as this place is supposedly haunted), Savannah is a great city for foodies. I had a list of recommendations a mile long, but I’m sorry to say we barely made a dent into it. I’ll tell you what we did, though. We stood in line at Leopold’s for over half an hour for ice cream. It was so hot outside that the employees kept bringing water to keep us from passing out.

Somehow, perhaps the promise of what was to come, we managed to brave the crowd and walk away with the richest, creamiest scoops of ice cream to ever exist.

Leopolds Ice Cream in Savannah.

Peanut butter chippy. You got lucky this time.

We also braved the brunch crowd at J. Christopher’s–I can’t even tell you how many people suggested this place to me. The standout was the blueberry crunch cakes (also recommended by a zillion people).

J. Christopher's, SavannahSpeaking of recommendations, here is a list of eateries I was unable to try, but came highly touted by everyone and their mom. My loss is hopefully your gain:


7 thoughts on “24 Hours in Savannah

  1. That looks like a wonderful trip. Your posts always make my tummy rumble. So much scrumminess. I have not been to Savannah since 1998 but now that we love in the US I’m eager to take my kids there as I have such fond memories. I love the architecture, the history, the atmosphere and – yes – the food. I don’t like Spanish moss though so we differ there. I will have to seek out this post and note your recommendations when I have plans to go back to Savannah.


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