A Summer Saturday


Somehow, it’s Thursday already, which means it’s almost the weekend again! There’s no shortage of things to do around this beautiful city of ours, but I thought I’d share a few of my most recent adventures.

I had a number of returns to make at Easton last weekend (not to mention it was Anthro day) and we got out the door early. Husband is, how you say, NOT into shopping. In fact, he loathes it. This can be a struggle in our relationship (what do you MEAN you don’t enjoy thumbing through forty-seven racks, item by item, until you find that one glorious dress marked 80% off because of a missing button?), so I’ve got to make sure there’s something in it for him. This time it was baked goods. Exhibit A:
cinnamon roll wildflower cafe

Isn’t it a work of art? After we finished at Easton (a record 45 minute trip!), we headed over to Clintonville’s Wildflower Cafe. We sat on the shaded patio, and split the beast you see above. It was more than enough for two people, and we fought over the last smears of icing. But we had more food coming.

huevos rancheros wildflower cafe

I went with the huevos rancheros, a favorite breakfast dish of mine (pro tip: add the tart jalepenos!). The dish was simple, and fresh-tasting, and made a perfect canvas for several modern streaks of dark red sriracha. The eggs were poached expertly and yolk spread nicely over the plate. Husband went a tad less healthy…

fried chicken wildflower cafe

Clearly the man is on a fried chicken kick (aren’t we all?). He said his chicken was cooked perfectly and had plenty of spice and flavor. I stole a lot of his potatoes, so I can attest that they were delicious.

The best part of getting up early on the weekends is that you have more time for fun! By the time we got back to German Village, I knew a small pup that was ready for some weekend fun, too, so we headed down to Frank Fetch Memorial Park.

frank fetch park

 I haven’t mentioned this park before, but we spend a LOT of time wandering around the flowers. The gardeners this year are exceptionally gifted. Everywhere you look there’s a new arrangement, baskets over here, trees and shrubs and expertly maintained flower beds. It’s a lovely, hidden gem. Indy loves it too.

photo 1 (9)

 Later we went to the Olympic Swim Club, which is closing soon. I was glad to make it in — my in-laws met each other here! I took only one trip down the slide — I don’t think my back or contact lenses were okay with even that. I did love the diving boards, including the high one!

olympic swim club high dive

It is important to PLUG YOUR NOSE, folks.

It was a lovely, busy summer Saturday. As I’ve said before, we’ve got to enjoy them while they’re here. What are your favorite, simple weekend activities?


2 thoughts on “A Summer Saturday

  1. To answer your question, I like to go on excursions with my husband and kids but for a simpler day at home I love nothing better than getting my art supplies out and creating something.


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