Counting Crows at LC Pavilion


Last week, Wander & Whine took a field trip to the Lifestyles Communities Pavilion to see the Counting Crows and Toad the Wet Sprocket. This is one of Alicia’s favorite venues, but it was my first visit. I’ve told my husband before that I am too old for concerts now: the jostle, the over-priced beers, and the late-nights make me want to crawl underneath my down comforter. But this concert was exactly what I needed.

With husbands in tow, we met on the hill. We were joined by Megan, a blog favorite, and her husband as well. It was a reunion of sorts, and we were ready to celebrate. Here were are, before all that celebrating.

wander and whine

Yes, we realize we are getting “bombed” by…a guy in the back. We don’t care! But back to the celebration, do you see that beer in Alicia’s hand? THAT THING IS HUGE. I found out later that these things cost $11, yes, but they are close to 3 beers EACH. This means you need to pace yourself. Concerts are long, and you have to stand. TAKE YOUR TIME.

Soon, Toad the Wet Sprocket came on, and they were quite good! I was especially thrilled when they sang “Walk on the Ocean,” and I’m sure our neighbors were equally thrilled when I belted out my rendition. Do you know what Toad the Wet Sprocket looks like? I didn’t either. Here you go!

toad the wet sprocket

i did not take this picture

Here they are. They put on a good show!

The time between the two acts left time for more beer guzzling, catch-up chit chat, future plan making, and general merry-making. Thom and I argued over whether Adam Duritz dated Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox (answer: BOTH). And then it was time for the main act. We stood, and sang when possible, and bopped around. The crowd was into it, for sure.

counting crows at the lc pavilion

alicia is so mad about the quality of this picture

I couldn’t WAIT to hear “Long December.” I wouldn’t shut up about it all night. When are they going to play Long December. Is this Long December? They better play Long December. Of course, I had to make a run to the ladies’ (thanks, $11 beer), and I waited till they BEGAN a song I didn’t know. While gone, I heard the song end. I heard the round of applause. I heard another song begin, and then my phone started going insane in my purse. Guess what, people. THEY WERE PLAYING LONG DECEMBER. I bowled over several waiting patrons and sprinted back to the hill to hear the end. THE END. I missed the light attaching to the pearl, and all the best bits. What luck is this?!

In any case, they were quite good. I know my fellow concert-goers were a little bummed they didn’t get to hear Mr. Jones (thanks, Obama), and I don’t blame them. At least I had half of Long December to live off of for the rest of my life.


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