J. Avenue at Kenny Centre Mall


My friends are enablers, and I love it. Take Maria, for example. Last week, I casually mentioned my current obsession with Korean food, and it morphed into “Zomg, let’s eat all the Asian food. Okay?! Okay! PUT IT ON THE BOOKS. OKAY?!” This is why we’re friends, and although this reenactment is probably verbatim, I think there was a “Yassss” in there somewhere. I know, this is why I keep my chats off record and my friends insane.

Since I’m an expert in Koreaness (and made-up words, apparently), I advised Maria to meet me at Arirang. That way, we could eat in the little restaurant at the back of the store AND stock up on Korean groceries. That is using your noggin, my friends. So after consuming all of the bulgogi, gimbap, and banchan in the world, we had another genius idea: dessert at Belle’s Bread.

Despite going to Akai Hana every other day, Maria has never stepped foot into Belle’s so we had to put an end to the madness. One green tea twist cone later, Maria and I were leaving when we stumbled across a sign right across the way:

J. Avenue

And then we saw the display of solar-powered lucky cats. They were literally waving at us from the window. WHAT! How have I never been in this magical place? Is this new?! While Maria scarfed down her cone, I pressed my face into the glass (I’m sure they appreciated that) to see what other wonders were in store. A lot, as it turned out.

J. Avenue Columbus


Somehow, I didn’t get the memo about the existence of the most adorable store in Columbus. Note to self: pay attention.

J. Avenue Columbus Japanese gifts

Do I need these things? Am I twelve-years old? I THINK I NEED THESE THINGS.

The store is divided into little sections with items ranging from (the most adorable) office supplies, gadgets, and even a million Japanese health and beauty products:

Japanese makeup at J. Avenue Columbus

GIve me one of each!

I love Asian beauty potions, and if I hadn’t just bought a bunch on Amazon, I would have tested all the things, but I didn’t need that kind of temptation. Wah.

J. Avenue Columbus

We also lusted over the dishware section for obvious reasons:

Dishes at J. Avenue

Adorable dishes featuring Maria’s hand.

I don’t know why one needs such a darling (see, I used something other than adorable here) design on the bottom of their skillet, but SIGN ME UP.

Salut Frying Pan

I swear, we were in the dish section for half an hour, literally eeing over things–or that was probably just me. Maria is having her first child any day now, and I need him to eat food from these (adorable, sorry!) dishes with tiny, child chopsticks:

Dishes J. Avenue

Also, he needs a bento box with those elaborate little lunches. Maria, are you listening to me?

And I know it’s only July, but this place was bursting with potential Christmas gifts. So many unique treasures to be had!

J. Avenue Columbus Ohio

J. Avenue Columbus OHI’m storing this under my hat for later (five months later to be exact). Friends, you can thank the genius proprietor(s) of J. Avenue for the Christmas/birthday/whatever gifts you will be receiving from me. And, ahem, I don’t mind this being reciprocated in turn…cough, hint.

J. Avenue is located at Kenny Centre Mall–1141 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus, OH.


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