Weekend Wanderings


Whenever I write these weekend recaps, I’m always shocked to realize that my weekend is behind me. Where do they go?! We spend all week with our eyes on Friday, and then it and Saturday are gone in a blink. I’ve been trying to be present and enjoy every moment of the time that is only mine.

Here’s what we did! We looked at another house on Friday evening, which ended up a bust. We’ve been catching a lot of renovation shows on HGTV, and have convinced ourselves that we, too, could flip a house. Never mind that we’ve never owned property or done anything more complicated than hang a painting (those framed pieces stacked in my basement will even try to tell you we can’t do THAT), but even we knew this house was too much for us. From the sloping floors to the cracked plaster, this place was a PROJECT. And all that thinking and looking and talking got us hungry!

We headed back to German Village and wandered into a favorite of ours, Club 185. We sat quickly and ordered a pair of beers and a plate of onion rings. We must be sommeliers of beer batter by now. They were big, intact onions with lots of flavor. I’ve never seen onion rings served with salsa before, but it was an interesting pairing.

Club 185 onion rings

Next we moved onto our entrees. I went with the fried egg sandwich, which I convinced myself was the healthiest thing on the menu (after you hold the bacon and may of course, WHICH I DID). The Texas toast (what was I just saying about being healthy?) held up beautifully to the egg, which was well-cooked. It was a filling and tasty dinner to be sure.

Club 185 egg sandwich

Husband went for an enormous basket of wings. Literally, he ordered 20. While I stole most of his celery (because celery is DELICIOUS), he got to work. They were a good size, and he said they had a satisfying bit of heat.

Wings at Club 185

I also want to note that we love the staff there. We’ve had our waitress before, but she won me over immediately by complimenting my sunglasses. Flattery gets you EVERYWHERE. She also saved us from tragedy by chasing us down the street with our leftovers. Thanks!

So, we drained our (second) beers, and went home to continue the party with our new Mario Kart. Even though I am terrible (what do you MEAN this is only 50 CC?!), we love it. On Friday, we even unlocked a car drawn by PONIES. BELIEVE IT. It’s the little things.

Saturday, after a good bit of cleaning, resting, and dog-walking, we gathered ourselves up to head to the driving range. Husband has been talking about picking up a set of clubs, and this week he succeeded. Yes, he shelled out a whole $25 for a bag, shoes, and clubs at an estate sale. He is FRUGAL, I tell you. We lugged our parcels to the range and teed up. It was a beautiful evening; it had been hot but there was a divine breeze blowing steadily during our visit.

Golf range

I am not great at golf, you guys, but I’m also not TERRIBLE. After hitting more than a few way up high (which, as any beginner woman knows, is the sign of SUCCESS), and straight to boot, we felt we had earned ourselves another round of beer. Or CERVEZAS, in this case, as we enjoyed a drink and dinner on the patio of El Vaquero. It was a lovely evening. Which brings us to Sunday, and to now. Here I am writing again, all for you! This will be a busy week, so hopefully we’ll have more exciting things to wander and whine about. Until then, looking forward to next weekend!


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