Belle’s Bread


I’ve mentioned Belle’s Bread in the past, but it’s about time I’ve devoted a post to it. One thing I miss from my childhood (growing up on the Army base in Seoul) is Asian bread. My mom would take us out at like 11pm (seriously, nothing seemed to ever close there) and we would get fresh loaves, doughnuts, and rolls from the nearby bakery. I didn’t realize how special this was until we moved back to the states and I was plopped into the suburbs. What do you mean you can’t buy fresh food at all hours of the night? Why aren’t people outside walking around? No metro system? And what is this cardboard you are using in my sandwiches?

Thankfully, I can get a wondrous bread fix anytime thanks to Belle’s, the Japanese/French bakery located in Kenny Centre Mall.


Once you get inside, it’s sensory overload. Along one side are rows and rows of insane desserts:

Desserts at Belle's Bread Desserts at Belle's Bread

Once you pick your jaw off the floor, it’s time to have a panic attack in the bread section:

Bread at Belle's Bread Bread at Belle's Bread Bread at Belle's Bread Bread at Belle's Bread Bread at Belle's BreadI am an absolute embarrassment whenever I am in there. I cannot help but become animated. There are trays one could use to pile their bread on, but I get overly excited and end up dancing around, my arms full of packages, making joyful little sounds. Note: I am not aware that I make these noises until others point it out. Quite frankly, I don’t know how everyone else conducts themselves with such decorum.

There is cafe seating if you want to order lunch from the menu. You can also sip on hot beverages or cold (my husband loves the smoothies), or cool down with a delicious soft serve:

Green tea ice cream from Belle's Bread

Green tea and vanilla twist.

As far as the cakes go, the strawberry is my absolute favorite. I require this type of cake on my birthday (holler at Golden Delight Bakery). I’m not a fan of overly sweet things, so this light, spongy cake is a dream.

Strawberry cake from Belle's BreadThey even do them up for special occasions:

Cake at Belle's Bakery

But the main point of this post is the bread (sorry, I am easily distracted). I’m sure part of my intense enjoyment stems from nostalgia, but seriously, this bread is where it’s at. Between this and what I’ve consumed in Europe, I am forever ruined when it comes to what bread should be. Sliced bread should be a lot like this:

Belle's Bread

Short ingredient list, freshly baked, with the most ridiculously soft and fluffy consistency. This photo does not do it justice, and if I could offer you a piece of toast through the screen, I would, to smugly prove a point. As Wonkavision doesn’t exist (yet), I must implore you to take a trip to Belle’s as soon as possible. Life is too short to eat bad bread.

Belle’s Bread is located at 1168 Kenny Centre Mall. Closed on Monday, but open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am – 7pm and Sunday noon – 5pm.


5 thoughts on “Belle’s Bread

  1. I cannot control myself around Asian bakeries! There are a lot in my area. I’m trying to think of a favorite bread…when I was younger it was the cream filled ones with coconut shavings and the ones with hot dogs inside 😛 haha. I was a healthy child!


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