Puppy Birthdays with Three Dog Bakery


I am happy to celebrate just about anything: last day of work/first day of work, a house we agreed to hate or love, a good deal on a suit. When Indy’s birthday came around I thought, yes! A real reason to break out the party hats! Of course, I didn’t have any puppy-sized or -friendly hats, which is what brought us to Three Dog Bakery in the Short North.

Since Indy was adopted from the Franklin County Dog Shelter, we don’t really know with any certainty the date of his birthday. They estimate a day, and that’s what we’ve committed to.

I ordered the cake a few days before on the phone. We went with the round, peanut butter cake, and they did a beautiful job, don’t you think?

dog birthday cake

While I was picking up the cake, I noticed they had the doggie birthday hats I was so sorely lacking — and in every size and pattern imaginable! I selected the one that I knew Indy would like best, and we went on our way. The store was filled with all types of goodies for pets — treats, party accessories, and just-baked cookies in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.

We were coming straight from the dog park (it was his birthday!), and the muddy beast in the back seat was committed to getting his paws on that cake as soon as I got back into the car with the box in my hands. He knew that thing was for him.

We got home, and went to work on outfitting him for his birthday. It wasn’t exactly easy, especially with the peanut butter cake looming large in the background. Dogs aren’t exactly good at cooperating.

581See? No cooperation at all. But we got him situated finally.

indy birthday hatIsn’t he a handsome birthday boy? Finally, we sang, sliced the cake, and gave Indy his prize. To say he loved it would be an understatement. He happily tore through that cake in a few minutes. Any time we came to near him he stared up at us with those big eyes: You’re not going to take my birthday cake, are you? No, Indy, we’re not.

We got the smaller cake, and still were able to share it with Indy’s cousins. I think it made them happy, too! I would definitely recommend Three Dog Bakery if you ever want to make your canine child’s birthday extra special. I think Indy would recommend it, too.

Three Dog Bakery is located at 611 North High Street. Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm; Sat, 9am-7pm; Sun, Noon-5pm.


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