An Afternoon with Cash Explosion


There were a lot of surprises waiting for me when I moved to Ohio: crazy football fans, countless local restaurants, and more fun than I knew how to have. But my favorite discovery has to be Cash Explosion.

We moved to German Village a few years ago in March, in the middle of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We didn’t have our cable hooked up yet, so husband high-tailed it to a local bar, while I laid flat on my back on our couch with our tv propped up on the coffee table. Winston and I (my late furry nephew that we happened to be dog sitting) curled up and flipped through the three channels we could get without cable. It was a Saturday, and there was nothing. Until Cash Explosion came on. I was enthralled! What magic local game show had I discovered!

Ever since, whenever we’re at home on a Saturday night, we scramble to tune into Cash Explosion, and for many months I had been begging my husband to escort me to a filming. Believe it or not, it is hard to get tickets! Every time we clicked to reserve our free tickets, we found they were already filled up. I feel like no one but me is even AWARE of the audience in Cash Explosion: WHO is reserving these tickets?!

One magical day several weeks ago, we were able to get our tickets reserved, and we met at the studio in Hilliard on a Thursday afternoon to live my dream. As soon as you arrive the excitement begins, and a very enthusiastic host underneath an inflatable tent selects folks to play a mini Cash Explosion game for prizes.

photo(2)As we were ushered in, we were given raffle tickets (pro tip: bring nonperishables to donate for an extra ticket!) and stadium cushions for comfort. The view on the walk inside the studio is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

cash explosion

Once inside you get a lesson on how to be excited on camera! The reader’s digest version is watch the camera guy, follow directions, and yell a lot. Pretty simple. Here’s the hype guy.

cash explosionWe practiced our yelling for a little while, and they got shots of the crowd cheering. I’ve got to tell you, my husband is basically a professional cheer-er (I guess the word here is cheerleader, but I can’t do that to him). The man can YELL. And you should hear his clap — it’s like Zeus himself is applauding from Olympus. Thunder rains down on poor people in front of us. Thanks to his skill, it should be no surprise that he won the “enthusiastic cheering” competition, and took home a cooler, a t-shirt, and a few hats as a result.

Eventually, they bring in the talent. The hosts record a few bits of dialogue while the crowd yells and quiets on cue. Then come the contestants; many of the other audience members are there to cheer on a friend or family member, so this part is fun, too.

cash explosionThey play through the whole show, and record a few more host chit-chatting bits throughout, but the whole thing didn’t take more than an hour and half. We were both hoarse at the end, but it was such fun! They do giveaways at several points in the evening, and we won travel cups and lots and lots of lottery tickets (no big winners, sadly).

If you’ve got an afternoon (and can reserve a ticket!), it’s a fun and different thing to do. Be prepared to yell, and laugh, and have a good time.

And, if you’re a fan of the show, ours airs on June 28. Let me know if you see me!


3 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Cash Explosion

  1. It’s always fun to see behind the scenes of a TV show. In my undergraduate days, I was often paid to appear as an audience member on current affairs shows. You can imagine the quality programming, I’m sure, for any show that actually needs to pay people to be in it’s audience. Still it was interesting and helped pay for my books.

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