Brunch at The Table


Another month, another brunch with the book club. This time we read Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace. Well, Maria and Lindsay read it. The rest of us kind of hung our heads in shame. At least we didn’t have any trouble reading the drinks menu. Priorities.
Bloody Mary from The Table, Columbus, OhioWe had some stragglers, so we took our time perusing the menu–a pointless endeavor as the majority of us were gaping at the Dutch Baby.

The Table Brunch Menu

I mentioned the Dutch Baby in my last post, but it’s worth fixating on again. The prospect of a hubcap-sized hybrid between a pancake and a popover was too thrilling for us to deny. There’s even a Dutch Mama if you’d rather something the size of a small child–insert inappropriate joke about a Dutch Baby here.

Dutch Baby from The Table, Columbus, Ohio

Here’s the obligatory photo of something other than a Dutch Baby, which frankly, was the star of the day.

Quiche from The Table

I was assured the quiche was delicious, but compared to the pancake it was of no interest to me. One of our more rebellious members ordered the burger, which is another popular item at The Table. It’s composed of local beef, pickled onions, bacon, cheddar, and lettuce on a brioche bun. If you have your wits about you, you would do as our friend and spring the extra couple dollars for a fried egg on top.

Or, just order a Dutch Baby and call it a day (and victory).

The Table is located at 21 E. Fifth Ave., Suite 101, Columbus. Open Tuesday through Thursday from 11a-10p, Friday 11a-11p, Saturday 10a-11p, and Sunday 10a-10p. Closed on Monday. Parking is located behind the building in designated spots, or at meters along High Street.


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