Father’s Day Gift Guide


I’ll keep this post short and to the point because, you guys, Father’s Day is THIS WEEKEND. You can’t spare any gift-buying time. But don’t worry: There is surely something on my list that your dad will appreciate.

The fall-back plan for Moms is usually flowers or chocolate, but I’m sure that wouldn’t fly for most fathers. No, the flowers equivalent here is meat. Meat of any shape, animal, and casing will cause dad’s eyes to light up. Specialty, local meats are always preferred, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m not allowed to visit my folks in Michigan without a package of Bahama Mamas from Schmidt’s in tow. Go grab a package (and a cream puff or two!) and make Dad’s day.

schmidt's sausage house

Is Dad not much of a griller? Does he prefer a more refined charcuterie plate before he digs into his main course? Head over to Katzinger’s. Even if you don’t know what the hell you’re buying, the intelligent and friendly deli workers will point you in the right direction, and you’re sure to leave with a collection of meat and cheese to rival Lindey’s. The picture below is their graduate package, but I think Dad is a better fit.


If none of these seem exactly right, don’t be afraid to go for classic steak. If you don’t know a great butcher shop (if you do, please share!), Omaha Steaks are a great bet. They’re running a few Father’s Day promotions now (including free shipping), so click your way to a great gift.

You can always go the equipment route, too. Pick up a set of grilling tools or accessories. Crate and Barrel is running a great sale right now on grilling tools, so stop by their Easton store, or place a quick order online. Please don’t forget this adorable pig apron!

crate and barrel pig apron

That was a lot of meat. So what if Dad doesn’t like meat? Well, he’s not my Dad, then. Anyway, I’m sure he likes beer! I’m not saying you should go grab a 30 pack of Natural Light on your way to the party. No. We’re lucky to live in a town that’s full of tasty, local brewers. Pick him up a couple of growlers from around town. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel and list every fill station in town — Cheryl Harrison at Drink Up Columbus has done that for us (thanks, Cheryl!). I’d probably head to Columbus Brewing Co, Elevator Brewing, or Zauber Brewing. While you’re there, don’t forget to sample the wares!

Let’s be real, the thing Dad wants the most is to hang out with you. Be extra nice and treat him to something he likes to do. Hit a few buckets of balls at the driving range, or spring for a whole round. And don’t let him pay when you find the beer cart! You can also grab tickets to a Clippers game. Baseball, beer, and sausage are always a safe bet.

If you’d rather not GO to the game, but still support your dad’s fandom, head to local t-shirt stores Homage or Devoted for cool pieces he’d never buy himself. Just because he’s a dad doesn’t meant he CAN’T be hip: he just needs your help. The shirt below is from Devoted.


I’ll admit, dads are a bit harder than moms, but there are gifts out there. Think about him: what does he do when you aren’t annoying him? Where would he go out to dinner if you finally let him choose? Let these answers guide you, and you’ll make him happy indeed.


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