Blogger Meetup at The Crafty Pint


I know we’ve said this a million times, but one of our favorite things about blogging (autocorrect keeps trying to change that to ‘blowguns’) is meeting so many creative and like-minded people. We’ve been to a few meetups at this point, and it’s always fun to see the faces behind the blogs we read. Many of us local bloggers contribute to Live Cbus, and we recently had the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by meeting at the new gastropub The Crafty Pint.

Alexis and I joined Andrea of Simply Vague, Autumn from Best of the Menu, Maria of Sift and Whisk, Nicole from A Local Choice, Elizabeta from Mrs. Ladylike, and Lauren from A Few of My Favorite Things to talk blogs and there may have been some booze involved.

I was a tad too excited about this meetup, because I got a speeding ticket on the way there. I should mention I live a mile away at the most. Wait, why did I mention that–I’m doing a terrible job at combating female/Asian driver stereotypes right now. For the record, this speeding ticket was more like entrapment. I promise I’m a good driver! I know, between this and my parking ticket in Nashville, that declaration sounds rather like a lie.

Anyway, it was a perfect day to have a brew on the patio, so I listened to my server (rule number one) and had a crisp Brew Kettle Summer Solstice to drown my sorrows.

Brew Kettle Summer Solstice BeerOkay, Crafty Pint. Who told you about my obsession with monocles, top hats, and foxes? HOW I LOVE ALL THE DAPPER THINGS. Plus, adorable mason jars and bandana napkins tied with twine? You’re killing me Smalls.

After literally “eeing” over everything (Alexis is a real champ to willingly be seen in public with me), it was time to order sustenance. I only got photos from my end of the table, but everything was on point. I mean, look at Autumn’s colander of chips and guacamole:

Chips and guacamole

Flatbreads were big with this crowd. Alexis and Maria had the blueberry goat cheese (yes, you heard correctly) while Nicole went with this shrimp number:

shrimp flatbreadSince I am terrible at pacing myself (I had grazed all morning long), I went with a light snack of crab cakes:

photo 5Two hours flew by as we talked, laughed, and got to know each other better. As a parting gift, Andrea gave us bags full of swag from her awesome vendors.

Gift bag

Unpictured is the outrageous cookie from Leonard’s Cookies n’ More.

Leonard! I’m so sorry that I inhaled your cookie before taking a photo. To be fair, it was too delicious to deny. Also missing from that photo is an “Adopt” shirt from Personal Baggage (must love cats) and what I call my mood bracelet from Curious Compositions, but that’s because I’m currently wearing them. A huge thank you to the Simply Vague artisans for their generous gifts (Nora & Jac, Curious CompositionsGoat Hill ProductionsThe Prettiest PapersPersonal Baggage, Bernie Bean Boutique, Adore Jules, and Leonard’s Cookies n’ More). You all helped me forget about my speeding ticket woes.

If you would like to have your own summertime soiree at The Crafty Pint, it is located at 2234 W. Dublin Granville Rd., Columbus. Hours are Monday through Thursday 4p-midnight, Friday 4p-1a, Saturday 11a-1a, and Sunday from 11a-midnight.


One thought on “Blogger Meetup at The Crafty Pint

  1. The food looks delicious! I would never have thought of blueberry and goat cheese as a combination but as soon as I read it I felt it made perfect sense. I must try that mash-up some time.


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