Drink Up Columbus Anniversary Party


Last Thursday evening, instead of changing into my summer evening wardrobe of shorts and a t-shirt, I refreshed my makeup, threw on a light dress and headed out to the Drink Up Columbus Anniversary Party at Strongwater Food and Spirits.


I’ve got to tell you, I love Drink Up Columbus. Recently, Alicia introduced me as the drinking half of Wander & Whine, so it’s only natural that I would be a fan of any publication centered on beer and cocktails in the city I love.

We met outside and wandered in together, to the big, open space, that was filled with revelers with sloshing pints of beer. We’ve spent some time in this space before, at the winter farmer’s market at 400 W. Rich Street. It’s a giant, unfinished space, with skylights that span the whole building, keeping the party bright far into the evening.


Once we collected our name tags at the door, we made a beeline over to the bar. I had a hunch there would be good beers there, and we were not disappointed. We stuck with the blonde selection the night through, but sampled the others when we got a chance. The party was casual; every so often founder Cheryl Harrison would say a few words and give away a few fantastic prizes, and other times, DJ Chris Flohr kept the party vibe happening.

It was a great chance to meet some other bloggers in the area, not to mention Cheryl Harrison herself! We ran into another personal favorite, Sofia, the talent behind Caviar and Quarters, who introduced us to our new best friend, Erin, from Planning for Paris. The people are the best part about these events: we love meeting these kindred spirits who share what we love. And they’re always such fun! We also spent some time chatting with the folks behind Smokehouse Brewing Co, and quickly added that to our list of must-trys around town.

Also, there was cake! Did I mention cake?! Not just one cake but THREE whole cakes from Eight Cakes a Week for the sampling! My husband came along, so between the three of us, we were able to taste every variety offered. A new friend recommended the hefeweizen cake with orange buttercream, and he was right; it was definitely the best! We also tried the chocolate stout, and beer and pretzels (!) cake.

photo 2-18

As if a night full of beer, new blogger friends and cake wasn’t enough, I won a prize! When Cheryl called my name, I embarrassed my whole party with a Price is Right “Come on Down” dance all the way to the front of the crowd, but who cares? I HAD WON! In the bag was a neat collection of swag from Buckeye Lake Brewery. I’ve never been, so this means I must go immediately.

A successful night, to say the least. Thanks to Drink Up Columbus and Cheryl for the invite, the cake, the beer, and the good time. I’ll come to another of your parties any day!


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