Summer Movie Preview


One of my favorite summer pastimes is watching movies. This can be in the form of the Drive In, at home, or settling in with an enormous Icee at the cinema. Whatever the case, there are always a few films that I’m inordinately excited about. Here is a short list of what I have my eye on this summer:

Days of Future Past (5.23) x-men-days-of-future-past-posterI’m picky when it comes to comic book movies (Marvel triumphs over DC any day), so I’m blindly optimistic whenever an X-Men film is released–minus those Wolverine films. Let us never speak of them. The concept of Days of Future Past is gimmicky, but I can turn a blind eye because I love the components. The combination of time travel and past X-Men actors joining forces in a single movie blows my mind. There’s also the chance it will be convoluted and nonsensical, but I don’t go to these things expecting an Oscar-caliber script (though we do have Oscar-caliber actors involved!). We know what we’re getting into here, guys.

Maleficent (5.30)


Sleeping Beauty was a staple in my adolescent film repertoire, and quite frankly, Maleficent scared the crap out of my six-year-old self (to be fair, I am was afraid of everything). I like the idea of a character study from the bad guy’s perspective. It worked for Gregory Maguire (Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister), so surely this bit of revisionist villainy will work out? If not, we’ll still have interesting scenery and costumes to admire, right?

The Fault In Our Stars (6.6) fault-in-our-stars-poster-large Josh Boone, please don’t screw this up. I can’t even think about this book without tears springing to my eyes. I brought it on vacation for some “light reading,” and by the end, I was weeping in a lounge chair and muttering “Oh, so sad! Whyyy!” before texting everyone to hurry and read it. As always, books being made into film is dicey–I’m wary, but I still intend on seeing it on a day when I want to have all the feelings. For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s about young love, cancer, and the inevitability of death. Yeah. Feels.

The Giver (8.15) The-GiverI think I screamed when I heard one of my favorite childhood books was being made into a film. It was assigned to us in middle school, and was one of the first thought-provoking books I had ever encountered (Animal Farm was soon to follow). My hopes are high, to say the least, but I’m feeling good about it. Lois Lowry was involved in the production, and it was partly shot in black and white (fans of the book will remember why this is important). And with names like Skarsgaard, Streep, and Bridges attached, one can’t help but have ridiculous expectations. It sounds as though the director intends on being true to the original work, so fingers crossed the book is done justice.

Of course, If you’d rather watch movies from the comfort of your home, here are some of my favorite films to fritter away those lazy summer days:


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