Taco Tuesday at the Kitchen


In early spring, I will take a slight improvement in the weather as a chance to get outside and enjoy German Village. It was a slightly warm and brightly sunny day when this popped up on my Instagram.

photo 1

I quickly sent this shot off to the husband demanding tacos and beer as our evening activity. I’ve been to the Kitchen once before for brunch, and the large crowd made seating and timing difficult, so I was a little apprehensive at first. But, happily, the line was short and sweet and the chairs plentiful.

We decided on the Ohio, Southern, and New England tacos, plus the New York Quesadilla, and a small pitcher of beer (pro tip: spring for the large pitcher when you go). Armed with our pitcher and two adorable mason jars for drinking, we dropped our order at the kitchen and pulled up stools to a vacant table.

photo 2-11

After not too long, our food was served to us and we dug in. The clear winner was the Southern taco: the collard greens, corn spoon bread, and the barbecue together were summertime bliss, and we fought a little over the last few bites. The lobster was simple, and lovely, and the Ohio was delicious as well.

photo 4-5I was a big fan of the quesadilla as well. Honestly, melt brie in anything and I’m there. The apples and onions were crispy and sweet.

The Kitchen is an interesting place. The crowd was loud and happy, and I was surprised to see families with young kids at almost every table. Next time you’re free on a Tuesday, think about dropping in. The surprise menu and unique space make for a different kind of evening.

The Kitchen is located at 231 E. Livingston. Most events require reservations, but Taco Tuesdays have open seating. 


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