Mother’s Day Gift Guide


You guys, Mother’s Day is coming up. You have just over a week until Sunday, May 11, when your mom will either be crushed or elated by your gifting decisions. No, not really, she’ll probably like you no matter what, because that’s what moms do, but why don’t you go pick her up something nice anyway. Take this opportunity to say, ma, thanks for dealing with my fifty calls a day, and for listening to the self-obsessed whining that I wouldn’t subject anyone to but you (but really, you raised me, what can you expect).

So now we show our thanks. Sometimes, moms can be difficult to buy for, so here I am, happy to help! I’ve put this list together based on things I plan to or have bought my mother, as well as advice from some very kind, very pregnant moms (hi, Megan!). Let’s get to the good stuff.

  • One of my favorite bloggers on the interwebs is Jaclyn Day. She focuses on affordable fashion, and has single-handedly jump-started my love affair with Target. Ever a supporter of comfortable slug-wear, she recently launched her own line of scarves, heavier for the winter, and a lighter collection for summer. Right now, she’s running a promo at her Etsy store: if you buy two, you get 30% off! Check it out!


  • Jewelry is classic, but honestly, not many of us can afford to pop into Tiffany’s and present mom with a little blue box. So instead of expensive, go for something more personal. As I mentioned, I’m from Michigan, but my family and I have discovered this new, wonderful state thanks to my move. I thought my mom might like these delicate little bracelets with a reminder of where her favorite child lives (sorry, CR). We’ve mentioned her before, but pick up a piece from the Tutes Etsy shop.


  • Summer is coming up, and if your mom is anything like mine, she likes a refreshing cocktail on the patio in the sun. For some recent special occasions, I picked up these margarita glasses from Crate & Barrel, and this elegant, rustic ice bucket from West Elm. She’ll be the hippest hostess on Lake Huron come summer.



  • On that note, you can also buy mom the main act, rather than the accessory. Pick up a bottle of champagne, or a fine wine (skip the three-buck chuck this time, kids), or her favorite bottle of bourbon, if that’s how she rolls. Or, if you’re buying for my mom, just pick up the mega bottle of Lambrusco you can find at 7-11.
  • Don’t under-estimate the idea of spending time together to celebrate. It may seem cliche, but treating mom to a girls’ pedicure (men, you can get your feet done, too!) may be just the ticket.
  • Flowers are a classic, and wonderful choice. Please, though, don’t go through the mega-web sites. Cut out the middle man, and call up a local florist. Tell them what mom likes, ask for some recommendations, and tell them how much you want to spend. They’ll have a better idea of what they have in stock as well what their other orders look like, so you won’t have to deal with last minute substitutions and delivery disappointments.
  • Let’s move onto the edible suggestions! Go classic and pick up a box of her favorite chocolates. Visit local stores like Anthony Thomas or Winan’s, and she’ll surely be reminded how sweet you really are (I KNOW).
  • I know my mom is always thrilled when I ship her a collection of Cheryl’s cookies. Sign up for their emails and never purchase without a promotion or a coupon code.


  • We mentioned them before, but if your mom likes salty and sweet, do pick up a pack of Mel’s ‘Zels. You won’t regret it, and if you’re really good, she might even let you have one!


  • I would be remiss not suggest my constant favorite: Pistacia Vera. I’m aware that not a post goes by without a mention but they’re that good. DO IT.
  • Don’t worry, I’ve even got ideas for newer moms! My girlfriend raved about a lovely present she received last year. Her husband gave her a framed photograph of their baby girl, smiling away, happy as clam, holding (well, propped up against) a “Happy First Mother’s Day” sign. It hangs in her office now. Easy, and so sweet! Just takes a bit of planning.
  • She’s also been eyeing these minimalist, stackable rings, personalized with baby’s name. You can pick them up at Kathryn Riechert’s Etsy shop.


  • Let’s be real though, what new moms really want is time away, for themselves. Treat her to a day at the spa, or even an hour alone at the mall to nurse a Starbucks the size of her baby’s torso and wander on her own schedule.
  • Are all these ideas too cutesy for you? I hear you. Go to Nordstrom’s. Just go there now. You’ll find these universally loved Diptyque candles, that add a little glam to her bathroom or living room. Look, this one is mimosa flavored! Er, scented.


  • My mom flips for anything Jo Malone, so you can’t really go wrong. She’s into the orange blossom scent, but the others are just as popular.


  • MOM STOP READING. I think this seasonal Estee Lauder perfume is what I’ll be sending this year. I caught her while shopping the other day, and she was sampling the scent at the fragrance counter. It should be no surprise: the woman goes nuts over anything with gardenia. And look: free gift with purchase!


  • On a budget? Mom not so into accepting gifts? A card will do. Check out this simple one, specially made for those sending our love outside of Ohio.


  • Or there’s this one (locally made!), that’s brutally honest, and gives mom credit for the biggest favor she ever did you.


That felt like a lot! What are you getting your mom this year? Any favorites from years past? I’ll leave you with this: DEFINITELY don’t get her anything that plugs in: My father made that mistake enough times for all of us.

Happy Mom’s Day! Thanks, Mom!


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