Black Creek Bistro with a Side of Aziz


Aziz Ansari was in town this past Saturday, and based on the back-to-back shows and swarms of people who attended, it’s safe to assume people think he’s funny. I mean, I think he’s hilarious, but it’s his perverse affinity for food that makes me want to be bffs. Seriously, half of his Twitter feed is asking the general population what and where he should eat for dinner. Plus, the man loves brunch. I approve of this.


Much to my husband’s chagrin, I spent of a lot of Saturday wondering where Aziz was eating in Columbus. I was genuinely concerned whether he got a good recommendation or not. NO SHAME HERE.


We had tickets to see my foodie friend, but it was for the 10 p.m. show, and we had a lot of time to kill. Luckily, we were invited to Black Creek Bistro by Thom’s co-worker who was also attending Aziz’s second act. A perfect way to wile away the hours! Brace yourself, this is going to be a food-heavy post–who am I kidding, you know the drill.

The evening began with libations, as most nights do. Black Creek Bistro has an extensive drink menu and a knowledgable staff. After Thom described the type of beer he likes to quaff, our server was quick to make a winning suggestion. Pictured is Thom’s Bitburger, mostly for archival purposes (he really enjoyed it) and unpictured is Halle’s martini, TJ’s rum and coke, and my hard cider. Whoops.


Halle made the genius move of ordering the fried brie for an appetizer. Topped with a berry medley and garnished with (edible) African violets, this was practically a meal in itself and absurdly delicious.

photo 1 copy

We sipped our drinks, chatted about Aziz (TJ and Halle have seen his standup before), and I took forever to figure out my dinner situation. This was silly on my part because everything was delicious. What comes next is a plethora of food porn.


Bistro pasta: plum tomatoes, garlic, basil, crushed red pepper, spinach, tossed with linguine and chardonnay broth, topped with parmesan cheese.


Seared scallops on a bed of portabella mushroom risotto surrounded by a charred tomato emulsion.


Ribeye topped with crisp fried onions, served on a bed of crispy shoestring fries with a tryffle aioli & red wine demi-glace.

Halle ordered the night’s special of pork loin, on a bed of something (mashed potatoes?), and a sage biscuit. Not only was that a terrible description, but the photo I took of her meal was terribly blurry, so it’s been omitted (hence my confusion). She did give it her seal of approval, though! The African violets were a nice, springy touch to the plates and presentation, and was a running gag with our server all night. Thank you for humoring us!

By the way, service was impeccable, and I enjoyed the vibe. The ambiance is laid back yet upscale and decidedly unstuffy–I can see why this is a neighborhood favorite. Perhaps I will recommend it to Aziz the next time he swings through.


The show itself was HILARIOUS. Moshe Kasher was the opening act, and he could probably carry his own tour. Since this was the Modern Romance tour, Aziz talked a lot about relationships and how technology has complicated such matters. At one point, he asked audience members to bring their cell phones to the stage where he read choice bits from their texts to the opposite sex–this was humiliating/hysterical. For those of you who missed out, you need to get on it next time.

Black Creek Bistro is located at 51 Parsons Ave. Opened Monday to Thursday from 10a-10p, Friday from 10a-11p, Saturday 4p-11p, and closed Sunday.


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