Sauerkraut Balls and Burgers at the Hey Hey


Many eons ago, during our second-to-last snowstorm (because you’re done now, right, Mother Nature?), I dragged husband through the blowing snow to what some might call a dive bar one evening during March Madness. Honestly, I think I’ve blocked this whole weekend out, because the next day my Spartans played terribly and were eliminated from the tournament (thanks, Obama). I am the sorest of losers, and I rage-erased 24-hour periods on either end of that loss, and just now I’m remembering a relaxing and delicious dinner we had at the Hey Hey in German Village.

I really can’t say enough wonderful things about German Village in general, so I’m making an effort to try all the charming restaurants on these cobbled streets. I had never been to the Hey Hey — it was a little far to walk for a drink — but a recent Drink Up Columbus piece alerted me to the fact that delicious food was being served here as well. Obviously we had to go. It turns out that the food is prepared by Swoop! Food Group’s pop-up restaurant, Bebe at the Hey Hey.

Once in from the cold, we slid into booth along the wall. Perhaps it was the weather, but this place was cozy! High ceilings and worn wood made it seem like I’d been a repeat customer all my life. The crowd was of mixed age, and there were quiet conversations going on all around us. We quickly ordered their famed sauerkraut balls and a pair of beers.


Apologies for the dark photos (bars tend to be dark, as you know). At first I generously told husband he could have three and I would be happy with two, but as we ate, I quickly rescinded my offer and demanded we split the last one. We both dug the crispy, fried outside and the tart, creamy goodness within. I also enjoyed my adorable sailboat beer!

Pretending to be demure, for once, instead of the human vacuum I really am, I pressured husband into ordering the famous Yak Burger, while I went for the ladylike-sized pork sliders on the recommendation of our waitress. Let’s start there:


MY PHOTOGRAPHY. I know. I promise you when Alicia reads this the first time, she’s going to be angry. But! Let’s press on! These were excellent! The jalapeño and the slaw were just the right amount of tart crunchiness for the pork, which was also expertly prepared. Husband tried to get in on this, but I barred him, considering that his entrée was the mother of all entrées.

ImageThe Yak Attack! burger was the bomb. Look at that beautiful sheen and shape of the bun! The patties themselves were perfectly cooked, and the special sauce was indeed special. We began a heated debate on what was better — Thurman’s or the Yak Attack. I can’t really say who won for sure. I think this important issue requires more research. I vow to eat more burgers at both locations and then deliver my ruling. INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

The Hey Hey Bar and Grill is located at 361 E Whittier Street. Mon-Sun, 3pm to 2:30am.


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