RAW Art Show at the Shadowbox


I am not what you would call “artsy.” I can appreciate beautiful work in its various forms, I even consider a full-blown, accomplished artist to be one of my very closest friends (do yourself a favor and click that link for real), but I’m a complete dope when it comes to more technical observations of a work. But when we were invited to the Raw Natural Born Artists show here in town, I was excited to get to know some local artists and the scene.

So Alicia and I labored over our early spring dress selections, prepped our legs for their first exposure to the sun since last summer, strapped on some heels and teetered on over to the Shadowbox in the Brewery District. The show began at 7 pm, and when we arrived at around 7:30, there were already a good number of attendees.

Inside, there were artists packed from wall to wall, and on the stage, at several points throughout the evening there were performers on stage, too. We spent a few hours wandering the aisles, making friends and learning about their work. It would be impossible to touch on all of them, but here are a few of our favorites.

The first booth that really caught our eye was Patrick Wayner’s Patch Wrk Design. I pulled the following self-description from the Raw web site.

“I like to deconstruct animals or items from nature and reconstruct them in my own way. I use wood as my main medium with additions of cut outs, acrylic, screen printing, pattern making and aerosol paint.”

photo 2

photo 1-3Isn’t this interesting? We stood silently together (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS) for many long minutes admiring his pieces, and pointing wordlessly (manners, amirite?) at things we missed the first time. I loved the way he used maps, which are a personal interest of mine. Each new piece is different from the last. We could have looked for hours.

But that wouldn’t have been fair! The next booth we lingered at belonged to Sophie Lim. Alicia went bananas for her whimsical illustrations, and made this typewriter print her very own.

photo 2

I spent time perusing her notecards, and we were digging the Alice in Wonderland prints, seen below.

photo 4

 With Alicia’s new print in tow, we wandered over to the neighboring booth. There, we met Mike Cairns with Infinite Impact. This unique group uses drone technology to photograph and record aerial landscapes. I was nuts over the beautiful image of the light house, and I know husband would have shed a tear over the aerial shot of OSU’s oval. I encouraged him to get up to the Great Lakes to see the beautiful lighthouses there.


Photo from Infinite Impact’s Facebook page. Link above!

You’ll see the drone itself flying above Mike’s head. After we finished gawking at the photos, he pulled out an iPad which featured a photo you could pan yourself, by dragging. We were impressed!

After all this hard work making friends, Alicia and I thought we had earned ourselves a drink. We found our way back into the half-full bar, and pulled up a chair. Folks, I wish I could tell you about the delicious drink I ordered, but alas, we never had the chance! We sat at the bar, cards out for close to twenty minutes and never heard a peep from the bartenders, while drinks were served around us on all sides. Defeated and thirsty, we made another pass around the show before taking ourselves home for a beer from the fridge. Yes, I had to open it myself, but I’m sure it tasted just as good.


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