Tacos Hass


One of the benefits of blogging is shining a spotlight on the places we love and think everyone else should love, too. Case in point, Tacos Hass. It’s my current obsession. I’m not even ashamed to admit that one time, I ate there four times in one week. IT HAPPENS.

I’m this close to becoming the mayor on Foursquare (I know, what year is it), but first I need to overthrow a guy named Carl. At this point, I’m beating a dead horse, but I can’t say enough good things about Hass. It has quickly become my favorite go-to spot. The food is delicious, the owner is super friendly, and they have a liquor license. I insist you try it.

I suppose, first, you have to find it. Hass is located in a strip mall off Sawmill Road (aka Hell on Earth) right by the Sunflower Chinese restaurant (another delicious choice) and connected to the Mexican grocery store La Favorita. Rumor has it they are going to dismantle the grocery side to expand the eating area, which is good news for me. I NEED THIS PLACE TO STICK AROUND.

Sorry for the yelling, but this place invokes my passionate side. So, once you find it, you stroll in to see a counter packed with drink choices, and this doesn’t even include the fountain drinks (Pepsi products, blah). Fortunately for me, they sell glass bottles of Mexican Coke which immediately transports me to Central America where this is a normal occurrence. I can’t be the only one who thinks plastic bottles taint the taste of soda (fine, pop), right?

IMG_9165After you’ve taken in the menu and made your drink choice, it’s time to order tacos. Yes, I know there are other things on the menu, but listen to me: ORDER THE TACOS.


This is where the comparison to a taco truck in a brick and mortar setting comes in. The food comes together quickly, what with meats sizzling on a wood-fired grill, and while the the tacos are small, they are reasonably priced from $1.75 and up. This gives us a legitimate excuse to try a bunch of different flavors. I am a big fan of the vegetarian cactus taco (taco verde) and the carne asada. Everyone I know says the fish tacos are the best thing on the menu–I’ve yet to try them because I want more excuses to go back, perhaps today, in fact. There are also shrimp and carnitas versions among others. If you are only able to go once, get the tacos and thank me later. Don’t make me yell again.

Other options include quesadillas, chips and amazing guacamole (not on the menu, but they’re there), and burritos–either wrapped or in a bowl. The tacos are flavorful enough on their own (I cannot get enough of the cilantro sauce and overall spice), but I find the burritos a good excuse to douse in the house sauces (red is spicy, green has a milder taste).


The traditional burrito is grilled, which gets bonus points in my book. Everything gets bonus points in this place!


But seriously, you can’t go wrong with anything you order (especially the tacos). Take it from me, your future Mayor of Hass…that is, once I topple the current regime. You hear that, “Carl?” I’m coming for you.

Hass is located at 7370 Sawmill Road, 43235. Hours are Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.

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