Weekend Highlights


Seeing that it’s a Wednesday, and I’m already dreaming about Friday what better way to get through my day then recap the excellence that was last weekend? We’re going to skip along through Friday as I have a tendency to be too tired at the end of the week (see: old) to get into anything super exciting. I did see Bad Words, though, and while I am a fan of Jason Bateman, I’d recommend waiting for the Redbox. Also, don’t see it if you are easily offended because it’s crass, vulgar, and just what the doctor ordered after the nightmaresque week I had.

Moving right along. Devoted had its grand opening on Saturday, so Alexis, my sister B, and I found ourselves at the Gateway to make a date of it.


It’s located directly next to the theater.

My sister's sweater is better than your sister's sweater.

My sister’s sweater is better than your sister’s sweater.

You are a cheeky fellow.

You are a cheeky fellow.

This offshoot of Simply Vague focuses more on apparel, but they still carry some of their trademark artistic wares:

This is a new artist to Simply Vague, so I didn't get a name, but she's amazing.

This is a new artist to Simply Vague, so I didn’t get a name, but she’s amazing.

And local-inspired accessories:

So punny.

So punny.

We saw a lot of clothing by LMN, Where I’m From, and CollarDoos to name a few. So you know the merchandise is going to be witty and comfortable. Also, the shirts range from the mid to high $20s, so they are also reasonably priced.



In dog beers I’ve only had one.

Store hours and information are found at the Devoted Facebook page. 

The next item on our agenda was food (but you should know that by now), so we took the opportunity to stroll next door and pay a visit to the Torpedo Room.

It's like eating in a submarine. I am okay with that.

It’s like eating in a submarine. I am okay with that.

We had just missed brunch, but the waitress was kind enough to answer our nine hundred questions about the regular menu. B. and I were going to see a movie after, so we all opted for quickie appetizers, but that seems to be the point with this establishment–offer better tasting movie food and get you out the door to catch your film.

That’s not to say you have to rush out the door. You could linger with some cocktails if you’d rather:


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Breeze!

There are also vegan cheese and faux meat options available on the food menu, so that’s a plus for any of you with dietary restrictions. And if all else fails, the concession stand serves popcorn and booze, so you’re going to be all right (all right all right).

Hours are 11a-9p with brunch served from 11a-2p on the weekends.

Sister and I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel, which while visually beautiful and engaging, didn’t manage to crack my top three Wes Anderson films: Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. But let’s not take that as a negative, I still would rate this new film a four out of five.

Sunday was a stereotypical “Sunday Funday” (as they say) which started with a scenic drive to Delaware. We had one mission: Eat gigantic burgers and drink all the booze. I’d say we were successful.


Son of Thurman is reminiscent of the original with the exception of being a bit roomier. This still didn’t stop the line from spilling out the door or the 45-minute wait for a party of four–it’s just as popular. We weren’t a finicky bunch, so we made ourselves at home at the bar. The only con was the cold draft that would whoosh over us when someone would walk in, which obviously happened a lot. We solved this problem by drinking more beer.


IMG_9512The menu doesn’t stray too far from the classics, and though I had my eye on the A-1 burger, I couldn’t say no to bacon. In fact, Kari and I were both seduced by the Bacon Cheddar Ranch burger. With good cause.


This sexy beast.

As if this wasn’t enough, I had my husband make one last pit stop before I, quite literally, passed out from a food coma.

IMG_9516Jeni’s didn’t have Whiskey Pecan in season (cue ugly crying), but I made do with Buckeye State and Roxbury Road. I also sampled something like six flavors (I usually feel too moochy if I go beyond two) to come to a final decision. I thank you, Jeni, for your liberal sampling policy and also extend thanks to the super patient worker who dealt with my antics.

The rest of the day was a fog of daytime napping and an intense Game of Thrones marathon before the season premiere. That alone made the weekend worth it. Without being too spoilery: Arya Stark, AMIRITE?


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