Scioto Audobon Metropark


You probably think that all Alicia and I do is eat. While you’re not entirely wrong, we do leave our house for more than just a ridiculous brunch or a spicy cocktail. Sometimes, we even go enjoy the great outdoors!

A few weeks ago, on the first nice day we had, I dragged the husband and Indiana Bones out to the Scioto Audobon Metropark. After the most terrible winter in personal memory, we were all starved for some fresh air and clear sky. It wasn’t quite warm yet, but if you wait for the perfect weather, you might be waiting a long time.

The park facility there is newer and interestingly built. Right near the parking lot is a stand of CoGo bikes, which would be great fun on the trails. (Confession: I can’t really ride a bike. I solemnly swear to rent one of these bikes this summer, and document what’s sure to be an exercise in calamity for your viewing pleasure.) But the best part about this place is the view. Check this out:

photo 3(12)

Isn’t she pretty, our city? In the summer, the park is all green rather than this, winter-ravaged, amber waves of grain look, but even that has a beauty, don’t you think?

We took the dog and walked down to the park along the river. It was strange to feel like you’re in the woods, and then catch a glimpse of the afternoon rush hour through the branches of the trees. I felt guilty enjoying the weather while those poor folks were stuck in the car.

So we wandered on the trail. Indy couldn’t believe his luck: There was so much here to sniff, lots of new things to growl at, even runners he could pretend to hunt (he’s not mean, he just acts mean). The trail was under construction so we ended up in Indy’s favorite place in the whole world, the dog park.

The dog park is really neat. They have two areas for small dogs (under 30-lbs) and one for larger pets (over 30-lbs). In each they have an agility course with a ramp, a tunnel, hurdles and a hanging hoop. Believe it or not, Indy is skilled at the course, and has great fun each time we try. Here’s an old video from last summer; he’s learned more since then, but you get the idea.

Please remind me next year that when I go early or late in the season that the dog park is going to be all mud. And that Indy is gifted at finding the muddiest patches to hang out in. My shoes were covered but his…his were worse. You remember this look:


Brilliant dog owner that I am, I neglected to bring anything to rinse him with. Readers, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. The park is muddy. Plan accordingly.

After tiring him out a good bit, we continued our stroll around the park. I think most people’s favorite attraction here is the climbing wall. It’s always pretty busy, but it doesn’t look at all easy. There is a viewing structure near it, so we climbed that instead. Stairs are much more my speed. Our reward was another beautiful view.

photo 5(1)

I told you the climbing wall was for serious. I have no idea how that gentleman got up there, but I am happy to leave him to his secrets. To the left you’ll see a playground for the kiddies. The dog park is out of the shot, further back and to the left side as well.

Once we got out, we slowly headed back to the entrance. There’s a large pond in between the observation deck and the entrance, and it’s made lovelier by a low bridge.

photo 2(20)

That’s the park building in the back. You’ll see a small placard in the middle of the bridge that explains what kind of creatures live in the pond and their life cycles. It’s a pretty neat little ecosystem.

It was a lovely afternoon. Indy got some much need exercise, made some new friends, and husband and I could bask in the not-snow for the first time in a long time. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods and could use a shot of nature, now you know where to go! Just prepare for the mud.

Scioto Audobon Metropark is located at 400 W. Whittier Street and is open every day. April-September, 6:30am-10pm. October-March, 6:30am-8pm. 


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